Server transfers and the 0.1% M+ title


Hey there,

I am considering transferring a WoW character with a lot of M+ score (well within the season cutoff for the Thundering Hero title) from one realm onto another.

Can I do this safely right before season’s end and still receive my title? Should I wait till just before or just after season’s end to minimize problems?

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tells you there not to move.

Where does it say this? It says in the blue post I shouldn’t swap factions. I don’t wanna swap factions, I would love to transfer server though.

interesting to know actually :slight_smile:

So I made the cutoff, but I would still love some confirmation whether it’s ok transfer servers now.

Im in the same boat, really want to know if i can transfer server + faction, because i have a new guild waiting for me for mythic progress

why is this an issue with 0 information to it?

Can we please get an official reply to this within the next 1-2 days? Raid is already open, my guild is starting mythic progression later this week and I’m still stuck on the wrong server. I’m really in a bit of a bind here.

Some1 have mercy and clear this up :frowning: