Shadowlands: A Look at Cross-Faction Instances

Shadowlands: A Look at Cross-Faction Instances

Group up with members of the opposing faction in the Shadowlands 9.2.5 content update.

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Nice! But when though?

edit: Nvm! Yay! :joy:

All of that sounds pretty good to me, especially the communication bit.


Cool. But the part where i need to have real id or battle tag little confuses me. Does that apply for lfg too? Or im reading abit too much into it and i will be able to just make groups like i do now with only aliance but for both factions?

Now give us Cross-Faction guilds!


How will open world cross faction parties work? Will the loot tag still be party-wide, or does the lone Horde in the party have to tag for themselves?

Seems a bit pointless to limit guilds at this point.


Overcomplicating one simple requirement because you don’t understand your own product. It’s a classic.

Blizzard: Yeah but yeah but real ID but yeah but trading but yeah but economy but yeah but gold tokens but yeah but guild but yeah but goldboosting top guild but yeah


You don’t want the alliance booster guilds compete with horde booster guilds baby! Competition is bad for business!

Nobody knows anything. On PTR people were able to queue for random BG as mixed team, people don’t even know if it is a bug or a feature… :smiley:


If Uldaman isn’t on the restricted list, how will the Lost Dwarves encounter gonna work?

Ah great, so it’s only with the group finder tool and check/ uncheck a box there?
Happy to stay horde only. Can’t imagine myself playing with a Gnome, unless I’m stabbing him in the back :smiley:


So it is THAT bad with servers population? :frowning:

Yes please!


Cross-faction guilds when?


Just to double check, if I look in the finder, I will see horde groups I can join?

I love this! I do wonder though why heroic dungeons are not included?

Probably the simple truth is that it is not easy to implement in such a short time period. So most likely they do it feature by feature: instances, BGs, Arena, guilds, AH, world, chats, etc. Then finally, sometime in the future removing the last remnants of the faction split will be possible.

It is also possible that they want to observe the effects of removing this aspect of the game. If they implement it first for one feature only, they can revert it more easily if it goes wrong.

No, give a welcomed deportation for all pig race of orcs to Draenor. leave Azeroth clean.

… and send fascists to Argus.

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Oh man, really? We are meant to be blood enemies across a thousand generations … what’s next? Cream cakes and cups of tea on a feather blanket?

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Oh? From when is this a thing?

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