Shadowlands: Maw Updates in Chains of Domination

Shadowlands: Maw Updates in Chains of Domination

Discover the new changes coming to the Maw in the next content update, Chains of Domination.

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I know it may be too late but…

Why are there two threads about this? Or did I miss something?

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probably a missclick they were annoucing 9.1 ^^

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Reported for spamming!

Hmm, now where did I put it? Hmm…

HA! There it is. Ok, one second…

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I think they should work on the next XPac,
Or just comletely forgot about making it.
Stop it, WoW was good, but now its killed itself, let it be.
Goodbye WoW.

Blizz Make a new game,
Or just surrender, sell the company and give all the money to Bobby, he deserves it.
A buchered game, lore, and company, its sad but true,
I’m also sad…

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