Shadowlands raiding guild

Hi my name is Remi 24 age from norway disabled person i have stuttering so pref not too talk on discord becuse of my stuttering really want to play my hunter in shadowlands for raiding but still unsure of bm or mm i do whatever you want me to play have not been played mm since nighthold legion but i been played bm all the times in bfa i am up for raiding 2/3 days as week :slight_smile: if you want to take a talk on battle net nor6695#2971 i am alliance atm but intristed to change to horde if needed also server see you in shadowlands :slight_smile:

Hi Ember

Kudos to you for not letting a disability keep you down or out of the raiding scene.
Please have a look at our guild and let me know should this be of interest?


yes this will be intristed what day will the guild be raiding in shadowladnds and also what class do the guild need :slight_smile: for dps also up for heal or tank but then it will be problem with stuttering :slight_smile: add me on nor6695#2971 and i will accept you when i get it :slight_smile:

Hi Ember! As Dizzy said, big props to you for not letting your stutter hold you back!
Please have a look at our recruiting page and see if this fits you!