Shadowlands Season 4 Begins on August 2nd

used to be late september

I dont care about M+ season, thread is about CE, and complete joke of a patch in terms of raiding.

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The mount isn’t going away.

Like I said, its about CE, not a mount.

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It’s just an achievement. Nothing really to worry about :joy: Used to farm 400k Achievement points on Xbox before i realize how pointless they were.


There is a blue post pinned, in case you missed it


Lol who doesn’t have CE by now…

Less being creepy in Goldshire and more raiding!


I would say it’s too much it should be something like 2-3 months long
but of course for that they need to speed up drops and all that to work

Don’t give Blizzard any idea

See this

This right here.

This is why I’m still horde

Are you mad because you will not have CUTTING EDGE?
if so next time try to spend less time on forums and more ingame and maybe you will get what you want

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Why should they extend it? The only sane reason someone wants the season to carry on is because he didn’t get any rewards connected to it. And since the deathwalker mount is the only ‘viable’ reward, I really don’t see a single reason why you would want the season to be furthermore extended?

Cutting edges exist

snap it

Well you didn’t mention it in the first post, and I’m not a mind reader unfortunately.

I wouldn’t look it like that, you still have a whole month to get it. There’s even a blue post of how easier they are gonna make it so just do your best. You are not missing that much since you are 7/11. :slight_smile:


I mean he can try but it is a month. I can understand the frustration

Nah most likely wont make it, even if I will, a lot of other people wont, its unfair for hundreds and thousands of people.

either way if I dont make it ill be quitting this game, had just enough of circus devs

Too bad I suppose.

But let me still ask you, just curious. Why do people find CE so important? I couldn’t give less crap about it even if had it. It’s just a FOS that awards literally nothing. Back in the day in WOTLK, where you got the ‘Realm first’ special feats and special titles I understood, but now, I really don’t. I find the mount important, especially the SL ones (both Vengeance and Zereth Overseer are phenomenal), but the title and CE not so much.

I’d say it’s proof to oneself that they can do it. Or that achievement makes them happy, i could care less but the appeal is there. It’s an exclusive achievement that shows you did the hardest content the game has to offer at the given time.

It’s just a goal I have set, and invested certain amount of time in. and if I wont get it due to Devs incompetence yet again, i’d rather not touch this joke of a game ever again.

was already 50/50 if I wanted to try DF but this is the last straw

Uhu… see you in Dragonflight

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