Shadowlands: Watch the Eternity’s End Developer Preview

Interesting. I look forward to seeing what direction you are going in and whether it will address further issues surrounding the game.

Let’s see how this goes. I did say they needed to strike quickly… and if they are doing so then long may it continue.

Just type 10 PST to local in google and u’ll see the time in your country , not so hard to use google. :clown_face:


I mean sure, we’re all excited to hear about a new Patch… but haven’t we usually heard about a new Expansion by now?.. Could we be getting a bonus announcement?


To make things easier for UK readers:

Thats 18:00 aka 6pm this Thursday.

  • tazavesh split into m+
  • third season of m+ with same stupid grind.
  • loot will be removed and is available via shop
  • new shop mount
  • new raid with endboss in cinema length
  • WLs getting nerfs and buffed by 300%
  • torghast is going to be torghast
  • discount boosting by devs will grant you a ahead of the gold cap av

;)) i like you orc

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For the 100th time I repeat, MERGE DEAD SERVERS!!!


As far as I’m concerned Shadowlands is not redeemable. It doesn’t have to be a total loss if 9.2’s content is solid and they end the expansion with that patch. But we need to move on asap imo.

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They never know where Europa lies.

Oh I know! Europa is the smallest of the four Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter.


Bring back PvP servers.

Touche! (10 chars)

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Can’t wait to find out what they remove next. My bet is on /e.

Wonder if we see what happens between Sylvanas/Tyrande.

Hopefully they don’t increase renown to 100… imagine lol


It would be renown 120 if they go by the same logic :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t want to make myself cry thinking about 120 :rofl:

Isn’t renown tied to the covenants? At this point would make more sense getting rid of it since all the covenants are allied now.

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Probably some juicy Windwalker PvE nerfs.

We’ll be lucky to get 1 new dungeon alongside the inevitable new raid. New grinding zone. No actual world content worth doing. No class balance passes. No covenant balance passes.

oh and of course, everyone’s favourite:

A new mathematical system that requires the use of RaidBots to figure out what’s good or not.