Shammy looking for a guild

Hey there.

New player here been playing for about a week. Looking to join a guild for social chatting and banter. Currently have a lvl 30 Tauren Shaman on Al Akir, but willing to change realms or even * shudders * factions if need be. Up for PVP and raiding etc in the future.

I’m an English boy, 28 years old, working full time but play pretty regularly on eveninings and weekends.

Hit me up! =D


If you are willing to change to Silvermoon server and play Alliance, then our guild would welcome you with open arms. We are a newly made guild made of experienced players and newcomers who just want to play the game for fun, while still trying to push a little bit to become a bit better. But the focus is on the social aspects and having fun and getting to know eachother, do keys with eachother, raids and more. We are growing fast and i hope to get started in raids within a few weeks.

If this sounds interesting, you can add me on:
Discord: Astranice#9239 Cronex#2835

Maybe we can have a quick chat so you dont jump into something you arent familiar with.

Hope to hear from ya soon!

/Avaloke :slight_smile:

Guild name: Tooth and Fang
Faction: Horde
Server: Draenor
Primary Language: English
Raid progress: SOD 1/10M + 4/10HC
Raid days: Wednesday and Thursday / Sunday & Monday
Raid times: 2100-0000 ST / 21.00-23.30ST
Recruiting: Raiders and Socials
Tooth and Fang was established in 2017, the guild was created to build a family friendly atmosphere. We are passionate about the game and we have worked hard to expand our guild which includes our solid raiding teams and social players. We are like-minded people with a family, friendly ethos so we understand real life but at the same time we have a passion to progress.
We have an active, organised discord that our guild members regularly use to socialise. M+ runs are encouraged and are actively arranged in our discord and in game guild chat.
We have made very good progress in SOD, currently we are 1/10M and we are looking to expand on our raiding teams as we head into mythic.
We are focusing on our ongoing progress and we would love to hear from people that have the same ambitions as we do in the raiding world. Our main team will be heading into mythic content and looking for mythic raiders to assist with this progress.
We’re looking for people to join our raiding team who are like minded, a good sense of humor but also can get stuck in when we are killing bosses.

We’re currently looking to add to our main team roster with primarily DPS. We will however consider applications from all exceptional players. Our 2nd team is looking for a healer and dps.
Flexibility is appreciated but not mandatory to change specs for our raiding needs.

  • Good knowledge of the class and spec you are playing
  • Research boss tactics and know the fights
  • Ensure you are geared, gemmed and enchanted correctly for raid
  • High attendance to raids - we do understand real life comes first as a family friendly guild but we do ask for a good attendance rate at 90%
  • Good performance & attitude
  • Reliability and honesty is encouraged, whilst toxicity is of zero tolerance in our guild

If your not looking for a life in raiding we also have a very social side to our guild that we are all involved in, we have other players that are social and do not raid who get involved in conversations on discord and in game. We like to help our guild members grow and develop and we also like to M+ together too so there are many other aspects to our guild to be involved in and we welcome all classes and specs.

Please feel free to add me on Discord

Hey there, please add me on discord for a chat.


Hey Notamoosed,

Sounds like you could have a lot of fun with us in [A][Eonar] <BEAST> challenges you! Do you have what it takes to..... make fun? :D Join us and experience a fun time with great people!

If you would like to try out (mostly pve oriented content) the Alliance side ofcourse :wink:

Our guild was founded with the intention to unite both newer and more experienced player in a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to see new content at a casual pace.

We like to make it feel ‘small’ over here, yet being large enough to make impact on end-game content (normal and heroic difficulties only).

Sounds good? Then let’s have a chat (battletag: thorck#2781) :slight_smile:

Hey @notamoosed

Welcome to WoW! I am currently playing on Al’akir aswell as Skullcrusher and Xavius are connected to Al’akir, meaning we are able to play/trade and do loads of other cool stuff together!

We are currently running a guild on Alliance Side called: Wicked Demise

Currently we are more into doing dungeons and being social in discord, but we are also looking to raid whenever we have enough active people on Al’akir / Xavius / Skullcrusher.

Our guild revolves around hanging out with chill but experienced players (think of players that started playing back in Vanilla in 2004) and generally just having fun, we really choose Fun over tryharding of any kind and we do not tolerate and toxic shizzle.

Wanna come hangout let me know by either messaging me at the following socials:

  • Frost#28365
  • Discord: MicroFrost#0001

Or join our Discord and shoot me a message there:

Hi Notamoosed

You can add me on Discord for a chat: Antionette#8339


Hi Notamoosed

Feel free to add me on Discord: GreenDragon#8523 , to see if we are the right fit for you. :slight_smile: