Sharing PC but not Account

I live with a friend of mine.
Our second pc died and actually we cannot afford a new one.
If we use the same pc to login, not at the same time, and each one with own Battle.Net account, will this be considered account sharing or bring to other problems?

Thank you in advance for the answer you could give me.

Hey Artemide,

Sorry to hear about your second PC. :pray:

Sharing a PC would be fine if you both have your own account. If you do (and depending on how well you know each other), do try to make sure that you log out of your account (both in-game and the app.) when you’re done playing to avoid any issue or “prank”. Having an Authenticator on your account and on your phone could also always help.

Other than that, you should be good to go. :slight_smile:

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If you both have your own bnet accounts, it is not sharing any account information. Only the hardware.

Thank you very much for reply.
And yes I log out from my account and have Both Authenticator and Phone activated.