Shattered Halls final boss

Can WKB be fixed already ? I mean he legit charges and does a melee or multiple melee hits in one charge on non tanks. On top he charges on incoming adds to the room resulting in a reset. And this is after he was already “fixed” once where he did all the charges on one guy in one second.

The boss did NOT work like this in TBC, I did it a ton of times, not even close to what is happening now from the bugs.

He legit charged my friends Warlock and in 1 global did 4 attacks, just global.

Imagine a multi billion dollar company that puts out games that are not bugged to fkk. Coming to the last boss on HC just so you cant kill it due to rng bugs is aids.

Where’s your proof this is an issue or that it isn’t working as intended?

99% of people who make these posts are private server players who just decided that an age old private server way is just apparantly the right way.

The only bug I’ve personally experienced with Kargath is that he can reset if he charges out of the room by hitting a totem or person etc.

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Where is my proof ? I linked it. 4 hits in 1 charge is not how it works. I never played PS, I have been playing wow for 16yrs, if this is how it worked in TBC we would have not killed this boss till Sunwell because thats when you would have had the HP to survive.

100% not how it worked, casters are just getting globaled in 1 rng charge if he does an auto attack with it, which he does most of the times.

Okay but you’ve missed my point…

I’ve played for 15 years but that still doesn’t mean what I say is proof so posting an image and saying that’s not right isn’t something that can even be attempted to use as proof of an issue.

If you’re struggling to kill Kargath that’s a you problem my man cause everyone else is doing it just fine so idk what to tell you except git gud I guess.

I love people who defend a multi billion dollar company thinking they give a damn about them defending.

I am sorry “my man” you are too stupid to count and see that 4 attacks in 1 hit is not working as intended. Just count the dmg, thats sunwell gear hp, ergo its not working as it should be.

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Come on man, this is clear that something is wrong.


I’m not disagreeing it may be an issue but without actual evidence it’s an issue the whole post is just heresay.

4 attacks in one hit, during which you managed to drink a potion?

That’s some impressive reactions to pop that potion during the one hit…


Since when is asking for valid viewable proof defending a multi billion dollar company?

I’ve ran Shattered halls numerous times this week and not failed once so i’m not inclined to believe this bug with just heresay that it isnt right.

Prove it’s an issue with a linkable sourced piece of evidence or git gud.

Also there are some trash packs in Karazhan that hit harder than this does and it certainly didnt take Sunwell gear to survive those…

If your healer can’t cope or your tank can’t use CD’s then it’s a you or in this case a group issue but not the games fault you can’t complete the content that is completely faceroll to begin with.

He was working fine yesterday, but haven’t done it today. It was broken for the first couple of days before working fine. Did blizzard really manage to break it again?

It’s not the tank getting all the blade dance charges dumped on him/her, it’s a dps. If anything it just makes the encounter easier though. There is zero risk of losing more than 1 person.


All you can do is report it as a bug, I know it’s not the best solution but it’s the only one you have at present. Devs do not come to the EU forums, ever.

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Is it being listed as something being hotfixed proof enough for you?


Was 5 hits in total, one was actually registered after death too. And yes, he used a pot as soon as the boss charged him, since hes been globaling players for a few attempts already.

And this is why I called you too stupid, getting globaled by a regular boss ability has nothing to do with skill.

Normal Dungeons gear > Heroic Dungeon Gear > Kara Gear. That is the progression. You can use cds, and have multiple tanks and people for trash and recover. You can not recover in a 5 man when the boss does his charge and kills 2 people the first time he does it.

Read again why I called you stupid.

He does the charge dmg + auto attack or two on Normal as well, but the dmg is not high enough to kill, unless its a cloth user and he charges multiple times at the same target. On Heroic not always, but he did it every pull during different charges he just hits 3-5 times and globals.

Last time we wiped on sub 10%. Not a dps issue, just people go from 100 to 0 in a blink. We could easily cc the adds that come into the room, but then bug #2 happens and he charges out of the room.

Yeah, guess thats true. I dont even care about the lost badges, just annoying.

The way Mervil is responding here really shows he’s one frustrated piece of bubble.


This has been acknowledged as a bug by blizz. It will be fixed after regional server restart.

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Why you died?.. xDD
Posting on forums ingame bug will not help delete the bug
report the bug ingame pls

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