Should I transfer here?

all that has been said here in four words!


You can use potions to do cross-faction RP.

Cross-realm… uh… have a friend on AD to invite you. I do not think there are RP events that involve people from other RP realms. I’ve never seen any at least.

And don’t listen to people who claim that “Stormwind is a cesspit, don’t go there”. It’s mostly nonsense. It is the main RP hub of the Alliance and it is where a new roleplayer should go to find RP contacts.

The only place you need to avoid at all costs is Goldshire.

Bot Goldsire is so close, just there down the road! Surely a quick stop won’t hurt…

Otherwise, I’m somewhat sad we don’t have any Gilneas zones to RP in. At least even with Teldrassil gone, you can timewalk to it. Pretty sure there’s no way to visit the Gilneas zone once you’re out? Only place I can think of is Bradensbrook in Val’sharah…
Ah well, I can just slap on the Worgen theme in my garrisons and chill there.

Theres a guild called the Nightfall Brigade who regularly roleplay in the outskirts of Gilneas actually. They could provide your worgen some temporary shelter if youd shelter them out.

As it seems more then likely you will join the server, allow me to say welcome to Argent Dawn! If youre looking for a worgen focused guild the Nightfall is a long standing guild and has a very passionate GM in Roldric, backed by very enthousiastic guildies.


You can actually go back there quite easily on any character. If you simply fly up to Gilneas on any character regardless of worgen or not, you can just enter the zone as normal. It’s just completely empty from NPC’s.

Quite a few number of guilds do roleplay there from time to time, but usually around Keel Harbor/the outskirts. It’s been a long-debated thing in the RP community regarding how much of the zone could be used in roleplay due to the plague in the story.

I know that the other RP servers still have their RP server tag but to claim they’re RP servers is honestly a stretch
You were about to have this dude spend real life money to transfer to a different ‘rp’ server where people get ridiculed for trying to find RP


Argent Dawn has its problems. But honestly I wouldn’t take anyone who posts something like that seriously; screams of someone who got over invested in and lived vicariously through roleplay.

Just ignore the troll OP.


Can also give a +1 to the Nightfall Brigade, very active and very welcoming group of people, pleasure to have been along side them in the past in RP-PvP. There aren’t that many other exclusively Gilnean guilds out there either.

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Hmm, Nightfall sounds nice, but I’m not sure I’m a great fit for a serious RP guild with campaigns and the sort. I’ll be looking for a more casual rp guild that ideally does content too, who knows.

Huh, the forums sure are wonky. Took a relog to update my character since the transfer, and it’s considering different characters as different users, it seems.

If you want both, Simply (IIRC) on Alliance side does both and Eminence on Horde

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