So the NE aren't getting their capital back ?

Then the horde would somehow melt it on your face.

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Ah! I really loved nuking that fellow. Well, those were days back in legion. Now, we have BFA ( Begging For Acceptance )…

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Correction! Shiny space goat for LF dreanei or shinning goat.

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NE never should have had a capital. Return to the NE of WC3 where they lived in the forests amongst the trees. Make them vicious warriors, cunning and fierce, not these stupid city elves.


there is more races than cities, something is wrong with azeroth.

World trees in Azeroth don’t have a great track history really do they…

  • Nordrassil being the original tree at the top of Mount Hyjal, but damaged during Archimondes assault there during the Battle of Mount Hyjal.
  • Vordrassil, or what remains of it in Grizzly Hills after being corrupted by Yogg-Saron and then taken over by the furbolg.
  • Shaladrassil in Val’sharah, twisted by the Emerald Nightmare.
  • Then there’s Teldrassil…

So a future home needs to be:

  1. Not on top of ancient power fonts like the Well of Eternity,
  2. Not near any Old Gods prisons,
  3. Not used as a prison for a bunch of Satyr and left guarded by people connected to the Emerald Dream and susceptible to corruption,
  4. Non Flammable.

So maybe not another big tree :deciduous_tree:

Just a suggestion :smiley:


Cough cough, what is wrong with Satyr? They will be our brand new friends, we will crucify Sylvanas together :smile_cat:

I actually remember Stormwind getting burned by 4 Horde prisoners. So it doesn’t matter stone or wooden. As far as I know Stormwind is made of stone :smile_cat:

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Considering in Azeroth fire comes in following colours : orange, white, yellow, purple, green, darker green, lighter blue, Blue… and few others I am problably forgetting, then could we also get an advice which kind of fire protection materials should we use as it is really hard to come by material that protects against all fire-forms.


Clothing-wise, I’m fairly certain Embersilk is Fire-proof.
Elementium works… But i doubt the Elves would be making massive towers out of the stuff!

or maby your writers should stop writing the Night elves and by extention the alliance on the backfoot all the time


Ahem. waves arms

Build a metal one.

Maybe they can live in caves! We don’t have any cave cities I think!

Druids could dig it out in bear and cat form!

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At first I didn’t like your idea. But now I think that I could actually get behind that. The woods could be a new homeland if well designed.

Something must happen. It’s not over yet.

Like sylvanesti or qualinesti in dragonlance saga. The homes were carved in big trees.

It doesn’t matter anyway because all the players hang out in OG, SW or the actual expansion capital anyway.

All the other cities are just race flavour.

Mabe one day we get an race themed expansion instead of class (Legion) or faction (BfA) themed with race halls instead Order Hall. Race halls would be fortresses in reworked capitals only available for said race. A Tent in TB with all the major Tauren in it, A NE Fortress on Mount Hyal from wich they controll northern Kalimdor and threaten Orgrimmar. A Worgen Villa in Gilneas.


got it back in 1.13.2


Could build on that with my initial idea of getting a seed from Ardenweald. Perhaps they could get multiple seeds and create this blue-ish, lush forest full of wisps and lights, with a giant tree in the middle, large enough to have quite a few homes in it but not giant enough to place the whole nation on (could be the city centre or something), we could go full high-fantasy and even go as far as to say that the concentration of anima is so high that the forest itself exists in its own pocket realm… there’s a lot you can play around with.


Oh how about you know… G I L N E A S ? The one capital people have been asking for nearing A DECADE NOW? HOW ABOUT THAT ONE BLIZZARD? DID THAT ONE OCCUR TO YOU?


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Of course not, their story arc ended right after the burning of Teldrassil, time to be ignored again. It was even too much to ask for them to do something in the supposed revenge patch before they got ignored again.