So when will blizzard nerf twilight devastation?

Let them nerf all corruption effects so it doesn’t matter if you have it or not.

As along as it’s RNG it shouldn’t have that much of an impact.


the thing is here. Why did they not nerf TD or Infinite stars when they could nerf echoing to the ground. Blizzard loves to troll. They only said they would keep an eye on it. but wtf… keep an eye on what. Does not take much to see its too op :).

Just don’t nerf TD for tanks. It’s comical. 18% of 750k+ HP and even 900k-1M with vamp blood and buffs…


Probably soon. our bear tank got it today and the sims show it is 33% of his damage :grin:

I believe Balance team isnt capable to do their job sadly

At this time, we’re also considering:

  • Reducing the damage done by Twilight Devastation.

I guess they are still thinking about it.

I think all over-power Corruption effects will be nerf eventually.
If some are out-DPSing others in a long scale then they’ll apply a nerf.
I wonder if they checked them up before launching.

What is there to think about LOL.

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Twilight Devastation does nowhere near the damage of pre-nerf Echoing Void and is unlikely to be nerfed as substantially because it has a much, much lower proc rate and it is much harder to position for optimal cleave when it does proc. You also have no control when it will proc, whereas with Echoing Void you can track your stacks and have a fair idea when it is likely to proc and position accordingly.

It also scales way worse for single-target use than Echoing Void. The biggest problem with Echoing Void was that it’s designed to be a stacked cleave effect that was actually BiS for single-target applications as well.


TD can chain proc like crazy

They should nerf it for tanks only imo, got rank 2 ( 50 corruption ) this week.

On my warrior it is a 6% increase dps, and it’s even worse on ST cases, and as prot it is indeed 20% of my dps.

50 corruption for 6% increase dps is not worth it.

Infact as fury I think it’s a dps nerf because I switched out a crit corruption ring to be able to wear the gloves and not have 80 corruption, my dps went down from 72k overall ( did UR +15 last week without it ) to 63k ( did +15 this week with it ), but I think that’s maybe because you can’t mass pull this week and it isn’t fortified, not sure but I need more test runs to confirm.

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You are delusional. IT is the king of aoe doing way more than your actual abilities. To the people saying st. Please Wake Up i am talking about aoe obviously.

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as a DPS its not doing great at all for me,at least it decent but nothing special,but thats just me,where it should be nerfed is how its used by tanks not dps

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how about DISABLE corruption in raids/dungeons/instanced pvp . problem fixed


then whats the point in even having it in game if you cant use it anywhere it might be useful?

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It was really op on pvp. I think only reason of the nerf is that. Yes , rest is op too

this game has become a trash fiesta always same routine, they are horrible with balancing people spend weeks analyzing their items and then after release they LIKE OHHH WAIT YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT THIS IS TOO STRONK BUT LETS NERF IT TO THE GROUND SO THE THEY CAN GO BACK TO FARMING FOR HOURS CAUSE WE LIKE RAISING SHEEP WHO PLAY OUR GAMES FOR HOURS DAILY TO BE GOOD.

It does 6.2% of my dps for rank 2, it is absolutely not worth it for 50 corruption.

I haven’t tried rank 3 but rank 3 usually is the overpowered version, so I’ll wait and see.

It’s not OP it’s perfectly fine and barely makes a difference :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(this is an overall mechagon +12)

If you have to believe Bloodmallet. TD did better then pre-nerf echoing Void for AoE, as Havoc.