Solo player seeking company

Hello all,

To start with, I’ve had a pretty bad time with DF in terms of finding a home, as well as settling on a main character. The guilds I have been part of have started off great but eventually showed red flags which discouraged me from wanting to be there, such as cliques and toxicity.

I’ve had a lot of difficulty finding a main to play since BFA if i’m honest, ever since I was forced to step out of a healer role in the guild I was part of at that time. I have done every type of class and spec now, never really focusing on FOTM but more about enjoyment. Right now I am dabbling with a Hunter and experiencing that it’s really hard to get into pug groups for keys. I was initially BM and eventually moved to MM to boost my chances of getting groups, the best I can get is +4s.

Currently I am running around solo, doing what I can to improve. I have tried many guilds, transferred far too many times and played whatever guilds have lacked. Now I just want to focus on myself but with a like minded group, to enjoy content in a non judgmental environment. I don’t care about elitism or who does the most dps on meters, I just want to enjoy the game again. I have been in this game long enough to know what I enjoy and that is my focus. Keys, mog runs and achievements along with a little casual raiding.

Maybe there is others out there who feel the same way and I’d be happy to chat or group up.


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Hey there, this might not be exactly what you are looking for but I am currently gathering people for a community of people who play together at lower levels and clear old instances together mostly for fun starting with classic and planning on going up the list. If it’s something that seems interesting to ya then go ahead and add me on discord DeadManWithShoes#8594 and if it doesn’t then I wish you luck in future endeavors

Just a little update,

I’ve had a crazy amount of friend requests and had some great conversations. Now part of a community that focuses mostly on M+ which has allowed me to step up in difficulty, still no guild as of yet though. My Hunter is on Draenor but I do have characters spread around various servers so I’m open to finding something that way rather than transfer.

Hi Jessj

were currently recruiting happy to chat further on bnet cervet#2247 will post the link below

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