Something Casual?

Yoyo Everybody.

I am looking for a casual guild to progress with. I am currently in a friends guild which is fine but as a Social, Looking for something a little bit more. I am pretty much an old wow player returning back into the mix. I joined at the end of BFA managed to grind my way up to 7/12 mythic, fight my way through the pugs of mythic + and get to 3k tanking and 2.2k over several others (nothing too impressive I know) Because I have nothing to focus on at the moment the game is looking pretty dry for me. Needing something to give the game the spark of life that I need to reignite if that be in M+ or Raiding. I am not looking for TOP guilds that expect me to play 24/7 I don’t have time for that. something not too taxing would be great not expecting CE this tier but a guild that would be able to get there in the future is just fine.

Right the stuff, about me in shadowlands.

I know the Dungeons Pretty well like the back of my hand already the tank in me I guess. I haven’t really push anything over a 10 I don’t see the point atm. But that is because I have several characters to maintain. Most of my characters are hovering around the 200 IL with the exception of two which are a bit lower. I am also levelling a resto shaman but it isn’t max level yet.

I Currently have:
Sub Rogue 192IL
Fire Mage 203IL
WW Monk 209IL
Fury Warrior 168IL
MM Hunter 168IL
Vengeance DH 194IL
Prot Pala 197IL

I haven’t really done anything special in raiding I am currently 10/10N and 9/10H

I am open to play pretty much anything I don’t really care what I play as long as the people are good and can have a laugh. I will be looking to push keys once I find what I am going to main.

Want to chat add me on DISC - Oorah#7115

Hello - was trying to get you on discord but for some reason it isn’t working. But I run a semi-casual raiding guild on Horde side EU which is about the same progression as you currently! We are 8/10 Heroic, going for 10/10 tonight (1 Feb) and are timing keys in the 10-15 range across our roster!

We’re always looking to add more players and would be very interested to get you involved (albeit we may be on different servers). Message me in game or reply back on here - Filth-Aszune. Or I am on discord at Helikaon#8640!

We Might be of interest to you, we are close knit friendly raiding guild that have a laugh whilst still progressing through content. hit me up on battlenet DizzleDale#2165

Hi J,

We might have something of interest for you:

Hi there,

I’m not sure if you’re still looking for a guild, but if so - I would be interested in talking with you further! I have tried to message on discord, but I believe you’re only receiving messages from friends…

I am co-leader of an Alliance Silvermoon guild called Reckless, please see below:

If you would like to discuss further, please add me on discord at wilsonnxo#3390 or in-game at wilsonnxo#2881

Many thanks.


Unsure if you are still in the market, but check us out:


If you are still on the hunt for a guild, check us out :

Hi Oorah,

Hope your well, were are definatley looking for more social/casual players that can assist us in doing more M+ keys as we look to continously gear ready for Mythics.

Please have a read of our post and if it interests you please do contact me.