Soul reaper - Redesign idea

Since i keep farming OG LichKing to drop me John Cenas mount. I keep daydreaming about LichKings final ability that kills the player with a channeling move to take their souls or something…

Would be sick if Soul reaper usable on players 20% less HP with 30yard range and you attempt to drain their soul while your weapon pointing at them for 5 seconds with each tick increases the damage and slowing the victim speed until you kill/end duration.


Thats pretty cool. Maybe with a shorter range like 15-20 yards? And less cast time like 3.5?

Maybe it could be a really powerful dot that only does damage below 35% hp, got a 10 second duration and a 6 second cooldown. The idea being that you want to keep it up 100% once your target is below 35%

Or maybe it can only be applied once below 35% hp, making it somewhat useful in PvP if you manage to get it off on a player who drops down low but then heals up?

I feel like making it a Dot that you want to keep up 100% of the time will be something different from execute, but still be a viable option to use.

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Best would be to make it a dot that either does something “special” to Soul or that just boosts dmg % of x amount of skills when applied to an enemy with 35% or less HP.

Maybe increased the triggered chance of runeweapon abillity?

Maybe something of that nature, still think it should be a powerful dot close to the same dps potential as Execute combined with using your other abilities.

I get your point though, it should be something exciting to press once your enemy goes below 35%.

What about making a rune of death? Using it conjoined with soul rend changes it to “soul reap”,having a spectral scythe strike the target for dmg,dot that boost other skills but places soul rend on a cd to prevent “to op”?

Think it should stick to not being too complicated

True,maybe just a soul reaper abillity that uses runic power then. Same as execute,just not as “spamable” to prevent it from being to OP.

Perhaps something like this:
Costs Runic Power.
Adds a powerful Dot to the target for 10 seconds.
6 Second Cooldown.
Can only be applied at or below 35%.

Now it’s something that you want to keep up 100% during execute phases, it costs Runic Power which means you have to play around and be thoughful with it to prevent yourself from being runic starved or not able to refresh the dot.

Obliteration should proc from it to allow frost to keep their rotation going during execute phase, while UH gets to do more damage through Reaping Talent (UH is supposed to be the dot build)

That would be sick asf.
But now soul reaper crit dmg is really bad
If soulreaper is considered as a execute it should do dmg like warrior execute crit.
Soul reaper cant even do 50k crit dmg.
Warrior execute can do 100k crit dmg.
Unholy is focused on haste so chance for crit is really low.

And what if the new Soul Reaper dot were affected by both Crit and Haste? We’re on to something here.

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