< Soup Squad > 5/9M ATSC - LFM & Gearing up for S3

Up we go. Also 3/9M. Socials still open and exceptional raid applications considered.

could be interested in this, you sound souper :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Drop us a message!

Recruitment now open for DPS spots.

Back up we go!

Socials always welcome. Check our website for raid openings!

4/9M. Bumping.

Back to the top we go.

Up we go. Ooo wee.

Ya so uh…soup.

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Let’s go back to the top

Soup soup. Let’s go.

If enough people yell ”Yes Chef!” during ready checks, me as the raid leader will wear a gimp suit.

10/10 guild


Back to the top with the Soup

Up to the top we go

Soup is good.

Back to the top, lets find those soup enjoyers

5/9M - Rashok Down.

Back up to the top we go.

Hi, What classes are you looking to recruit for mythic raids