Spriest 2/8 mythic 410ilvl

Server: Ravencrest (happy to change)
Faction: Alliance (again happy to go horde)
Class/spec: Shadow priest
Current progress: 2/8 Mythic 8/8 HC 410 ilvl, 2.4k M+ rating.
Availabity: can raid any evening, preferably not friday or saturday.

We are on Ravencrest?
1/8mythic ? we are looking for SPriest badly

4108 ilevel :scream::scream:

On a serious note, i know thats prolly a fatfinger in the title, just so ur aware

No just that geared

MaxHoly#2011 add me here and can have chat

Hey, we are 4/8M horde guild on Ragnaros looking for a few more dps for our raid team. We raid Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:15-22:30. Add me on bnet if you want a chat - Scar#2634

Hello there!

I’m currently recruiting ranged dps to finalize the vacant spots in our mythic raiding roster.
Current Prog 1/8M 4% on Council
Raid days:
Wed+Sun 19:30-22:30 Progression days
Mon Re-clear/optional raiding day 19:30-22:30

We’re running with a semi-hardcore group, but a lot of the members are new to mythic raiding so we’re currently building experience for future content. I.e. the goal with mythic is to reach as far as we can handle.

Contact me on discord if you wanna have an actual chat and see if we can help each other out!
Discord: Reptution#9481

Hello there!

We’re currently recruiting to fill up the roster for our mythic raiding team.
Current progress: 8/8HC & 3/8Mythic

Raid days: Thursday & Sunday, 19:30-22:30 server time

We’re running with a group that enjoys raiding together and enjoys the game itself together aswell, a lot of our players play M+ outside of raids and some of our members even play other games than WoW outside of raids together.

Guild Goals
Patch 10.0.x - Get a stable roster that can push as far into mythic content as possible while still enjoying the game and not making it feel like a job.
Patch 10.1.x - Progress into Mythic with the goal being CE, but we go as far as possible.
Patch 10.2.x - Progress even faster into Mythic raiding with the goal being CE

Contact us on discord if you wanna have a chat and see if we could be a good fit for you.
Raidleader: Ody#6957
Officer: FUNKYOUMANG#3912
Officer: Flouf#5064

Hi im cheeki from Zeus, Zeus-Outlands has been around since 2006 and to this day continues to grow and progress through new content, We are proud of our laid back, respectful and fun environment yet our mythic team is well focused and committed to doing the best it can and progressing at our own speed. We are looking for mature players from all walks of wow life to join us, also welcoming social players who also enjoy casual & alt raids, levelling & mythic+ etc - Our discord - https://discord.gg/gM2aQaW - if you have any interest in joining pls get in touch :slight_smile:

Hey, Are you still looking for a guild? My guild is looking to recruit ranged DPS, Currently 2/8M and have got terros close a couple times. We raid thursday/Sunday at 20:00 ST on ravencrest. If your interested message me on Matthew#2320

[A] Soup Squad.

Hi, we are still looking for some more dps.



Free feel to add me on discord Keyda#1625

Hi! if you’re still looking for a guild, NemesÎs is currently recruiting and looking for a spriest to bolster our roster :smiley:

I see that you are looking for a new guild to call home.
Righteous is a horde guild located on Draenor, and we are currently recruiting new DPS to fill our roster for Mythic raiding.
We are a social bunch with lots of activity on voice and theres usually someone around that want’s to do keys on different levels or just have a chat.
There is a lot of banter and bad jokes going on but when it is time to focus we all play to win.

Our progress is 8/8H and 2/8M, this is due to having too few raiders to fill up our Mythic team, forcing us to pug the last spots in our Mythic raids. Sadly this is holding us back for further progress as it is now. But we are growing and we are hoping to get some good kills in and have a fair amount of Mythic progress before the next tier so we can jump in ready to go for the new content.

We all want decent progress in Mythic for coming tiers, and will do our absolute best to get there.

What we offer raiders:

  • Raids Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00-22:30 CET
  • Social raids on Sundays from 18:00 CET
  • Groups for M+ on different levels
  • A social atmosphere with a lot of crazy fun
  • Guild repairs for raids
  • Feasts for raids

What we expect from our raiders:

  • Optimise your gear
  • Be enchanted/gemmed
  • Bring consumables
  • Know tactics
  • Learn from your mistakes

You can find us on GuildsofWow here by searching Righteous!

If this sounds like something you may be interested in being a part of feel free to ask any questions you have, I am happy to answer!