Szukam realmu z polakami / Looking for realm with polish people


Szukam serwera, na którym znajdzie się troszkę większa liczba polaków, głównie po stronie Ally. Na pewno zalicza się Burning Legion, Defias Brotherhood(z całą otoczką) i Silvermoon, ale to są serwery, które chciałabym ominąć szerokim łukiem. Mam nadzieję, że istnieje coś jeszcze.

Z góry bardzo dziękuję za pomoc


I’m looking for realm with polish speaking people but I’d like to avoid Burning legion, defias and silvermoon Hope there’s something more.

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards

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Yeah i have no clue what you’re saying, since Poland doesnt have official servers mind keeping it to english til you have your language specific realms/forums? Thanks



I’m looking for a server with a bit more Poles, mainly on Ally’s side. Certainly it includes Burning Legion, Defias Brotherhood (with the entire shell) and Silvermoon, but these are servers that I would like to avoid a wide berth. Hope there is something else.

Thank you very much in advance for your help
best regards

Might help. Still it is not a good idea to post in any other language on the general forums.

You might want to edit your first post with the same thing. Posting in a language other than English is against the rules, even posting with a translation is too, so you might want to change it before they delete the thread.

Yeah i dunno, if you want to avoid BurningLegion i don’t know what.

That server is pretty much 100% poles nowadays. Why don’t you wanna roll on that server?

I do not recommend Burning Legion realm as it is Horde dominated, Alliance is minority here.
Why avoid Silvermoon? It’s the best Alliance realm that also has Polish guilds and players. Yeah sure, when Shadowlands will launch there will be queues like always when expansion launches.
But queues will vanish in the end. Server is no longer suffering from lagging guild bank and auction house.
I moved my Alliance toons from Burning Legion to Silvermoon and have no regrets at all. Like i said, the best Alliance realm in EU.
Full pop realms aren’t that bad if you know how to realm hop to hunt rares etc. And the more people from your faction to play with the better i think.

Burning Legion is full of toxic people and I don’t have good memories with Defias. That’s why I’m looking for new realms. I’ve heard there’s a lot people on Silvermoon and it’s hard to get there.

Other language are against the rules because they can’t be moderated, generally mods can’t know if what you say is against the rules or not if you don’t post in english.

Posting a translation doesn’t ensure it is accurate or even true.

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What do you mean it’s “hard to get there” on Silvermoon? I don’t get it. Probably not true at all. There are no queues at the moment it’s that’s what you mean.
Last thing you want is to be stuck on a dead realm forced to pay for a character transfer to another realm.
Consider silvermoon for real my friend, you won’t find a better realm for Alliance. Trust me you don’t want to play on Burning Legion as Alliance even if you’re polish like i am.
As for the Defias i’ve heard it became empty, even polish WoW streamer moved from Defias.

He wrote in both languages ,don’t over react.

Kazzak have Polish guild ,tho i am not sure how big it is.


He didn’t originally. We didn’t overreacted.

You all did good, saved the post from being moderated for breaking the rules :+1:t3:

It’s actually still against the rules: Welcome, Please Read! - #3 by Aerythlea-2611

Note: an extra version in English is not good enough, as a moderator can’t verify that the non-English text is the same as the English one.

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