Tank LF HC Guild


I was a healer in my current guild during progress and was recently benched whilst the guild progresses mythic (currently sat at 9/10 HC). Given this, I aim to take the opportunity to return to my roots as a tank!

I wanted during the first raid of BFA for first 3 of mythic, and cleared the first and final raids of Legion in HC and half of Antorus Mythic as OT. I play Prot pally but I am killing to flex.

I’m looking for a guild that is progressing heroic with aims to do early Mythic. Likewise, I would like a guild who is active in either PvP or M+ (pref both). Hope to hear from you all, and I hope we can have an extended discussion about suitability!

Take care!

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Hey there, we’re a new Horde guild on Draenor. Sadly we’re not a raiding guild as of yet but so far I’m trying to help our guildies get geared for m+ and progress with them before raiding!
We would love to have you as our guildie tank, feel free to read about us and get in touch!

Hey there,

I would be very interested in chatting to you to hopefully work something out. Below is our recruitment post and I am available to chat throughout the day.

If we don’t fit your criteria then I wish you the best of luck in finding the right guild :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello there! I believe our guild would suit your need however instead of advertising here i always prefer to have one on one conversations to explain the guild to people interested so please if you are interested add Celaena#21320 on bnet. Hope to hear back from you :slight_smile:

Hey! Dan here from Knightmare-Draenor, we’re currently looking for a tank. Contact me on discord and we can have a chat! Danielhobby#5482