Tank looking for a Horde Mythic+/raid guild

Hi there a little bit about me, I bought wow ages ago but never gave it a serious playthrough until a few months before BFA ended, I am looking for a guild to call home that likes to have fun but does want to get better at whatever content they focus on. I currently have 2 fully geared tanks Brewmaster Monk at ilvl 198 and a Prot Paladin at 188. I am working on gearing my blood DK which I am really enjoying playing as.

I am willing to transfer to another server if needed and I find the right guild to join and let’s are honest who doesn’t want someone from Ireland in their guild :rofl:

In Shadowlands I have completed 10/10 normal and I am looking to progress into Heroic when I get the item level and high mythic+ keys. As a new player I am still screwing up a lot of things but I am willing to learn from anyone with advice on what I do wrong.

I hope to hear from you soon and I hope you all had a happy new year!

Hey dude! We are a bunch of weirdos from all around Europe, but we have no irish yet :thinking:
Anyway, here’s our short post

We are lacking a tank and few ranged to progress further.
My bnet is at the end of our post. Hope to hear from you so we can chat around about some details
Cheers &have a great year!