Tarren Mill Horde Holy Priest looking for raiding Guild

Hi there, I’ve recently come back to WoW after having left at the end of Mists when my guild disbanded. I raided as a Brewmaster Monk during Mists and achieved AOTC on Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar.

I want to get back into raiding and so am looking for any guild that needs a healer. Normal, Heroic or Mythic progression is fine I just want to raid in a structured environment.

About me:
I’m 31 from the UK and work 9-5 mon-fri so any time outside of that for raiding is fine.
I’m most confident on Holy but am learning Disc for the obvious benefits.

Any questions you can get hold of me on Discord which is Defcake#5750


I have sent you a friends request on Discord :slight_smile:

sent you a request, lets have a chat

Hi Defcake,

Would love to chat some more.

Please have a read of our post and if it suits you please do message me on battlenet - Psykick06#2401

Be nice to have some more UK people as well :slight_smile: