TCG Selling thread continued! 4.0

(Ashleen) #52


another Dark Portal Hearthstone codeSOLD !!!

… Thanks to the buyer for the fast and smooth transaction :slight_smile:


WTS Magic Rooster Egg - located on Kazzak
WTS Ghastly Charger - located on Draenor

Can accept gold on any realm/faction - Kazzak/Draenor (and other full pops) highly preferred!

Discord: vras#0001
bNet: Vrases#2845 (discord much quicker tho)



3x Guardian cub
1x Landro’s lil XT
1x Nightsaber Cub
3x Spectral Tiger Cub

[Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger] Mount in kazzak Taking gold only

(Isaal) #55


1x Swift Shorestrider 6m

Tag: Isaal#2939


I’m selling several tcg or otherwise high value pets, I’ve had success by selling them in AH occasionally for fairly low prices so that someone bought them the first day, but finding the right realm is hell and the last week I haven’t found any good realm for my remaining pets, they are:

1 nightsaber cub, I put it in AH no problem for 450k, so in a trade can go down to 425k since no AH cut
2 spectral tiger cubs for minimum 450k AH, trade 425k
2 hippogryph hatchlings for minimum 375k AH,trade 350k
1 landro’s lil xt min AH 300k, trade 285k
1 landro’s lichling min AH 300k, trade 285k
3 bananas min AH 300k, trade 285k
1 purple puffer min AH 250k, trade 235k
1 gusting grimoire min AH 160k, trade 150k
1 everliving spore min AH 350k, trade 325k
1 guardian cub min AH 275k, trade 250k
1 ethereal soul trader min AH 325k, trade 310k
1 sand scarab min AH 300k, trade 285k

I play on around 80 realms and can sell them in most of them, all can be done in direct trade if we’re on the same faction, otherwise can be put in AH and you can buy them from the other faction.

Obviously you don’t want to buy them on high pop realms because they have typically lower prices than these, my aim are obviously medium-low pop realms, where stuff is generally higher, I’m not only talking about english but also other language realms in case.




Etheral Portal lootcode
D.I.S.C.O. loot code
Spurious Sarcophagus loot code
Grim Campfire loot code

Looking for gold on Stormreaver - Horde or Kazzak - Horde
Also looking to buy or trade for:

Corrupted Hippogryph
Ghastly Charger’s Skull
Savage Raptor
White Riding Camel
Swift Shorestrider
X-51 Nether Rocket (Blue)

Btag: Cick#2824



I’m looking to buy Reins of the Spectral Tiger (blue) through gold exchange. Will pay 10M in an in game exchange. Please message me in game or on



How much for the spectral tiger mount?


WTS Haunted Memento. Serious offers whisper Energonjunki#2788


Even though I’m not the seller, I’m quite familiar with prices, spectral tigers (blue) are supposed to go for around 20 mil, purple at least 25 if not 30 mil.

For 10 mil your only hope is the occasional time, around once, twice a month, that someone puts it in a random realm for gold cap but they generally last 1 hour and it can be on any realm, so likely not yours.



Swift spectral tiger ±30mil
Spectral tiger ±20mil
Magic rooster ±20mil
Feldrake ±20mil
Corrupted Hippogryph ±10mil
Blazing Hippogryph ±10mil
Mottled Drake ±8mil
Ghastly Charger ±8mil
Amani Dragonhawk ±8mil
White Camel ±8mil
Swift Shorestrider ±8mil

Prices do change abit by the realm of payment / where the mount is located.
Feel free to contact if interested in some of the previously listed mounts. Also open for offers if the offer is even near previously told price.

Btag: Nymphelia#2508



Black War Bear
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME (epic version)

Mounts located on Frostmane horde, but I’m willing to recieve the gold on any larg populated horde server.
Add rabbebror#2171 for more info.


Hi there,
I want to sell :

  • 2x Spectral Tiger cub

Would prefer gold on Khaz Modan (horde or alliance)




Big Battle Bear
X-51 Nether rocket

Mounts are located on frostmane EU horde, willing to trade for gold on any horde server.

Add rabbebror#2171 if you are interested

(Felancholy) #66

WTS/WTT Magic Rooster Egg @Tarren Mill horde.
I’m willing to trade it for Spectral Tiger aswell.
Pm me on discord Luka#4229 or battletag Luka#22613



Reins of the Spectral Tiger (Blue One)

located on Frostwolf - Horde

Add Mik#21385


Several tcg pets, of which purple puffer, bananas, spectral tiger cub, landro’s lichling, landro’s lil xt, hippogryph hatchling, nightsaber cub, sand scarab + a hatespark and an everliving spore (similar value but not tcg)
Nether rocket x-treme mount
Whooly white rhino mount

Pets can be traded on any realm ofc, mounts are located on a few different realms, can sell them for gold on most realms as well, can probably also transfer them if needed.


(Ashleen) #69


Blazing Hippogryph codeSOLD !!!

… Thanks to the buyer for the fast and smooth transaction :slight_smile:



Swift Spectral Tiger ( epic )

I accept ONLY GOLD !



Reins of the Spectral Tiger (Blue One)

17M On Frostwolf
18M other Servers

located on Frostwolf - Horde

Add Mik#21385