The Battle for Wintergrasp in Wrath Classic

The Battle for Wintergrasp in Wrath Classic

An iconic part of the original Wrath of the Lich King, the WoW Classic team shares some insights on the Battle for Wintergrasp development in Wrath Classic.

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I don’t want to appear rude or anything but I struggle to understand why classic development updates are posted in the general discussion of retail. Am curious if other people find this weird.

EDIT: Just checked general discussion for classic and nothing is being posted in there when it’s supposed to be the place to this.


Me neither. Can’t even report these topics as spam.

you have a valid point.

As someone who played a lot of Wintergrasp in the original Wrath… playing as the smaller faction with tenacity hardly helped balance this battleground. It’s a bit embarrassing seeing this article label it as “an incredibly fun mechanic”.

It was more like a failed band-aid to faction imbalance. This is why later on there was a patch that made it so basically the attackers always win - so both factions got a turn at doing VoA.

Basically you still get stomped because having more players makes it easier to tackle multiple objectives at once - especially in a battleground based around vehicles and destructive structures.

If you’re going to instance it like a battleground, you might as well make it so there’s an even amount of players on each team, rather than having tenacity.


is it going to be cross realm or just single realm like
firemaw milion ally vs 0 horde on 10000 wgs going
and similar to gehennas milion horde vs 0 ally on 10000wgs
I didnt get it from this article, i mean im not kinda sure

so if you need a minium of both factions and it will be instanced there will be only 1-2 Wintergrasp in Firemaw/Gehennas ._.

terrible news!! it is a pity that you could not solve this problem…
make RBG, it seems to me rbg is exactly the tool that will allow you to enjoy the Battle for Wintergrasp


rbg u mean random bgs (because rbg is normally rated bgs), no it wouldnt fix anything, the main issue there is the whole wg system and controlling the zone on specific realm by faction, while classic servers are much bigger than servers back in 2008, and ppl were spread out on realms, and even back then it wasnt that great
if the wg is cross realm now but every 3 hours, its basicaly OKish, if its only server side, its horrible or bad depends if u get into wg even tho there are not enough enemy faction… its not that simple problem to solve, especially if u wanna keep original wg feeling, 3h timer + crossfaction wg would be some kind of compromise

Tenacity sounds fun. Imagine raid boss Bernard against 20 allies.

Berny already alone vs 20 allies, but now game make fight fair.

Only balanced realm (up to 60:40) with NO or less possible layers can offer to community good old feeling of Wintergrasp PvP…

They trying to find some “retail” solution but I doubt will work, they need to change their mentality to old times in order to make good this game.

Worst thing of all was to have more or less SAME dev team to take care of Retail and Classic, those games are completely different and same going for the players.

They can’t make Classic WotLK and please old players and retail players, stop to do this, your bad will to please ALL ruined this game completely.

Do the right thing, find dedicated old devevelopers with no touch with retail, how many years need to pass to understand these games are so different, learn from your mistakes please.


Ironic how they screw the faction balance on Firemaw just in time for WOTLK release…

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Not only that. As far as I remembers CC still worked and when one side had 8 time more players they could spam stuns and interrupts even if deminishing returns made effect time minimal. Imagine if you could CC PvE bosses. Yeah…


Honestly, cross realm doesn’t make much sense in this case. How would the matchmaker put players from different servers and mix them together? Is there a priority to have players from the same server together? How could this deal with mono-faction megaservers? What if you have more Wintergrasps ongoing at the same time and you win in one as horde, but an alliance player from your server wins in another as Alliance? Which faction gets the buff?

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now the wg will be implemented exactly as a separate bg. but inside its server. rbg* - a rated battlefield would be the best tool for interserver duels, let’s say with a limit of 60 people (60x60).
what the blizzard said is bad, bad when 60 people confront 5. the worst scenario I could imagine…

perhaps it was necessary to remove this stupid system with a buff for access to one faction. The wg needs to be made a separate battlefield with inter-factional access.

No. Just no. That’d mean Essence of Wintergrasp almost full time and the keep being always yours but its NPCs gated behind the buffs? Just no.

Controlling wg was a big part of the game, so that the NPCs were friendly or enemy but you could still enter the vault if you found a way. Often you logged out inside while wg was yours to pick up the elder once Lunar Festival begims regardless of wg status.

And definitely there can’t be a limit of 40 players. That’s too few. Back in the day there were often 2 or even 3 raids per side.

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I suppose they could prioritize players from the same server. And only in case there is not enough players mix the group with other servers.

If the BG works cross-realm mono-faction megaservers are irrelevant. Those groups will end up fighting against megaservers of the other faction because there are not enough players of the opposite faction on their server. If there are too many players on one faction in the whole region it will happen the same as with a normal BG, not all players of the majority faction will be able to fight, they will need to wait in the queue (by the way this already happened back in WOTLK without cross-realm)

Make all region Wintergrasps happen at the same time and give the buff based on what faction has more wins in the region. Blizzard already has on current servers the technology to do this, to globally punctuate factions and activate rewards to one faction across all the servers of the region, it has been used in Retail during BFA.

Imagine fighting hard and doing your best to finally win a Wintergrasp battle only to realize you don’t control it despite winning.

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That could be a lesson in life. You can win a battle and lose the war. You can win as an individual but be a part of a losing team.