The Enhanced Level 70 Boost comes with Renown 20

According to this video:
The new level 70 boost that comes with the expansion pre-order will also boost your character’s Dragonflight renowns to 20.

For normal people who don’t like doing boring stuff in video games, this is fantastic news. I really needed some of the cosmetic backpacks from the Tuskar faction, and now I can get those without having to World Quests ( :face_vomiting: ) for weeks.

Thanks Blizzard!


omg that’s great !! i can skip this boring and unrewarding grind . thanks slapface !

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All of them, or just the main 4?

The main 4, Niffen get 12 or something.

Yes, that’s it.

It’s good stuff honestly, too bad they had to ruin it with the whole 3 days thingy which is currently causing an uproar on Reddit.

And it’s things like this that get you flagged, Slappy. Why you do this?

that’s okay that’s just wow players adapting to the new norm .it’s always a challenge

Honestly; most of those people probably don’t even play anymore; they’re salty ex-WoW players for a large part.


exactly lol. they’re mostly upset becaue of the classic + stuff and taking it out on retail as usual

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I get 3 days early, I’m happy. Having said that, it will be 3 days of crashes to pre-test it for everyone else :slight_smile:

Early access is a done thing in many other games wafts hand

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Why do birds fly? You are what you are.
Besides, what good are forums if I can’t share my opinions there?

This bonus only exists if other people get “3 days late”.
If you get 3 days early, it means the game is ready, and the company chooses to keep players who “only” paid the regular 50€ + 13€/month away from the game.

A bit scummy.

Sharing your opinions is fine.
Insulting players who like different things than you, isn’t.

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It’s only an insult if you consider normal as a straight positive, and abnormal as a negative.

Which most people will do. So there’s that.
You can try and spin it, but you were being insulting without any need to.
You could have shared that opinion in a neutral way.

I could have. But then, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now, and that’s not something I’m willing to miss out on.

Awww. :hugs:

I read somewhere that flattery was a common trait among sociopaths.

I wouldn’t know.
I’m a hermit. :crazy_face:

ROFL and that for 3 days Early acces wich there is NO M+, No Dungeons, NOTHING haha

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