The Enhanced Level 70 Boost comes with Renown 20

No it doesn’t.
Giving players the choice between playing 3 days later than everyone else for an expansion they’ve already paid for, or throwing away an additional 40€, is a disgusting move.

I just…really don’t see the 3 days as a big deal. Sorry.

If it was weeks, months? Sure. But three days? When most max level content opens week after probably the non-early access launch? Eh.


It could be 3 minutes and the issue would be the same:

  • I’m paying a subscription monthly
  • I paid 50€ for the new expansion

And yet I’m locked out of the expansion? The one I paid for? Scandalous.
This is outrageous, this is unfair.

The release date is arbitrary one way or another, it’s not like we’re getting the expansion the moment it goes “gold”, to borrow console terms for when discs start printing.

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Many players are only interested in end game content. I’m not launching the game if I can’t do that.

This means I’m effectively banned from the game for 3 days, and Blizzard is offering me to lift the ban in exchange for 40€.

people stop arguing about the early access stuff, because blizzard will likely not see that the renown thing still hasn’t been fixed. create a seperate forum post, but don’t spam actual bugs posts.

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Seems you have played Wow too long & does not know how the game industry evolved in the past 10 years.

Blizzard is extremely late on this & yeah that might be a bit scummy for some people but this is basic AAA behavior nowadays.

You can start raising hell but it won’t change much until the whole player base starts to flame with you (it worked against EA a while ago but what they did was the top of top of the scummy cream).

It makes me feel old. Wondering where decency and respect for your customers went. If I had a cane I’d shake it! I find it depressing how normalised and normal it has become.

Same, can’t gain rewards for Valdrakken Accord at rank 21+ even though I’m currently renown rank 24.

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