The levelling process in Wrath?

Does the fresh realm levelling process in Wrath include the old Vanilla Azeroth (with maybe some changes) or is it solely done in like a new area ?

I think fresh is like new servers of 2008-2009 completely new starting from leveling from lvl 1. If it was from lvl 70 Blizzard wasn’t talking about 90 days grace period (I think they had extended it), before boost and transfers would be enabled.

As I understood you get 50% exp buff and some time during Wrath prepatch to do your leveling on Fresh so about 45-50 evenings of most relaxed leveling at max would be requiref up to lvl 70.

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It’s basically a new server. The same as every other server, but where everyone is starting new. This means that yes, it includes all the old content and leveling from scratch must be done to reach the new areas.

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Actually they start the 50% EXP Buff already some week before WotLK Prepatch.

Wait, it’s active now?

The 50% buff will be active “soon”. They will implement it in the upcoming weeks and then enable it for minimum 6-8 weeks including pre-patch. It will end with the release of WoTLK.

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Kraktor’s post makes it look like it’s active now.

For existing realms it will be active before prepatch and thus fresh realms as well :slight_smile:

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by this it sounds like they gonna release the fresh servers inc TBC before Wrath is added. This is what i suggested they should have done in Season of mastery lol, however i said just release the whole damn lot all at the same time with lvl restrictions at the gates as my thinking was that people shouldnt be able to enter tbc or wrath until the right lvl so they cant lvl boost by carries.

Man what a fookin grind this is going to be.

You will have 50% EXP boost during pre-patch plus exp needed for TBC levels decreases so getting to pre-patch max level will be rather easy.

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