The New Update 📜

the new update looks great on paper, with a lot of new stuff actaully, small stuff, but still great stuff.


It offers little reason to play for more than a month.

Though I don’t mind much, a holiday until 9.2 offers a chance to feel refreshed when coming back to the game.


Is there a place I can read on all the updates? As in a comprehensive list of all the new things?

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i havent really played up till recently so i still have a lot of content to do xD

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I mean the only new stuff is supposed to come in a month…

Isn’t it just changes to existing stuff, no “new” stuff at all…? The only “new” but would be Legion TW (which of course is not new) and that’s not out yet… :upside_down_face:

Is there anything actually new?

thsi is the best list i could get :smiley:


In which case, welcome back :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy it, I’ll probably grab some of the tower armours.

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Thank you, I will read that. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think we’re allowed to like it. You mischevious rebel you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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new icons >.>

also mm hunter buff for pvp xD

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The customization bit is welcome.
I’m tempted to make mogs for my rogue and warlock with their much better looks now :ok_hand:


The patch notes should have everything but just in case here’s the weekly PTR updates thread :

tomb of sargeras isnt easier at all, suppose to be easier to solo… literally the same… what a waste of time lol

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I resubbed because of the old raids change, but it does seems like they didn’t do anything with Tomb at least. I’m so thoroughly disappointed, and ask myself why I keep falling for this company’s shiet.

why do you?

It offered me like 20 minutes of playtime.

Digging the patch

It fixed all the issues i had

1 . Getting gear is impossible, now you can buy random 210 pieces to upgrade with valor for 500 valor! ye its abit of rng but atleast i dont sit on 30k valor with no gear to upgrade while rocking last season chestpiece

2 . no valor cap, the valor cap made it demotivating af to even bother to play

3 . Account wide anima and renown! \o/ reason to play alts!

Life is good sometimes

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