The one thing which makes bfa better than vanilla

And there they go, killing the bait.

But wait, there’s more. Is the show over? Find out next on how to troll the forums!


Classic is already dead anyway. One positive thing came out of it though. All the people who quit now play BfA after finishing Classic.

I want greens to be common, blue to be standard for casuals who only run normal dungeons and the open world, epics to be rare drops from heroics, and gueranteed from mythic and raids from normal an higher, and leggos to be an ultra rare drops from heroic and higher raids.

edit: oh and leggos should have special rules on them, as in the old rules, before the personal loot thing.


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This is general forum not retail exclusive.

Couldn’t agree more.


This is general discussion for the main game. The other General Discussion is for Classic which can be found here

They even state ‘For all things World of Warcraft Classic’ to help those who might not understand the difference.

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no. first of all main game ? you mean retail ?
second you can clearly see what a gm stated here :

all aspects of world of warcraft.

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Your entire post history is filled with making sure the world understands that bfa is a much better game. Do you honestly think even a single person was convinced by any of your posts? :smiley: I’d wager no and perhaps conversion isn’t your intention, but then what is?

To answer your question truthfully…if only a 0.1% of players have legendary items, the best epics still feel very special and therefore very strong. You could also look at it the other way, it’s amazing BECAUSE a legendary item is actually as rare as it’s name suggests.


no. first of all main game ? you mean retail ?

Yes retail. The main game that vanilla originated from. The game that has been around for many many years. Stop acting pedantic. You know exactly what he means, and yes, the classic forums were made for a reason - for classic players.

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Yes that was written before the Classic forums existed.

When that post was made there was only Retail which is the main game yes.

Should we all start posting in PvP section then for PvE conversation/complaints?

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There are actually some really nice posters in the Classic forums too. They suffer the same issues this GD forum does but all in all they are a nice bunch. Just like here.

There will always be some trolls or salty people everywhere, such is life :slight_smile:

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no but you can in general discussion.

untill they make a new one that is what we follow.

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So what would be the point of the PvP forums?

to be a place concentrated on pvp discussions.

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Thank you.

Well most players are well behaved and they can use common sense. They understand the game is divided into Retail and Classic and the forums are exactly the same.

More topics were moved in the early days of the Classic forum being created. People are finding the right forum more easily these days. Most of the time if someone posts in the wrong forum they are polite and say something along the lines of oops or they didn’t know.

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Retail is the main game? For me and lots of players that got a subscription only to play classic, is not even a game.

You’re fast to send classic topics to the classic forums, but do nothing when the opposite happens. So if you are the MVP for retail, where is the MVP for the classic forums?

Classic forums are full of retail players posting there about retail, so he will have a lot of work.

Classic is not an attraction park for retail tourists, nor is a cash cow to finance retail development, is the only reason many of us have to pay money to Blizzard.

This is the current game, it’s the main game. I’m sorry that the terminology offends you so much.

Like I already said I’ve been active on both forums until a couple of weeks ago when I have been concentrating on BfA and I have directed people on both forums to the relevant forum. Several of the MvPs post on both. When I was playing Classic my absence was noted on this forum.

Sadly your attitude towards Retail players in Classic is one that was a regular issue. You are all Classic players whether you come from Retail or from Private servers. I really do wish people would embrace each other as fellow players rather than seeking to sub divide Classic players further.

I think people should play the game they enjoy but if they wish they should also try Classic. For some of us it was a Nostalgic experience, for others it was completely new. Some have been waiting for it for a long time. Some have lost interest already but I’m confident it will retain a decent playerbase and hopefully retain a healthy server population on the majority.


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