The Winds of Wisdom 100% Experience Buff Extended!

Thank you so much Blizzard :heart:

I’m going to say August at the earliest. Remember we don’t know how many people are actually working on it right now due to the IRL situation. Shadowlands maybe delayed also due to the virus who knows.

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“Hell, it’s about time.”


So its gonna be up till new year?

Btw, good to know that blizz replaces EU community managers with bots. Not like that changes much overall.

Thank you for listening :slight_smile:

Thank you Blizz!

thank you, this is awesome, now I have more time to level my alts to 120

I dont have a single horde rep, so it will be nice to complete those.


You listened <3

More “WoW and Quarantine” for me!
Good Job, Blizzard.

Best decision they have done in this expansion.
Thank you.


Brilliant! Gives me plenty to do until shadowlands finally comes! Thanks

Thank you!

Fab news - thank you very much :+1: :sparkling_heart:

That is really impressive, and tbf highly unexpected considering the general BfA attitude of Blizzard. But also widely appreciated.


Wow, all year! :scream:

Just wished it also buffed reputation… :frowning:

Me when I read this news

Lol, and I thought “no, there is no way someone will complain”

Don’t matter, I’ll still be playing Classic.

i just said the rep buff sucks in that thread

i take it back!