The WoW Spring Sale is here!

So…. This is what beardless male dwarves look like.

Well…. I can see why it’s not an option.

It reminds me of Captain Eudora

Yup. It will look great on my Vulpera, maybe minus the shoulders


It’s the guy from UP! (without glasses of course).

But yeah… that HAS to be a bug.


Also the hunter tmog from normal firelands the helm does not shave but heroic version does (But the helms of Normal/Heroic Firelands look the same but with different colors)

This helm shaves and reveals beardless males from wearing heroic firelands hunter

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A curiosity, is the harness attached to the cloak or chestpiece?

Its part of the chest, annoyingly.

Sorry, I don’t look at the shop often, so I thought that explanation applied to everything in the sale.

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I wish this sale includes the faction change and race change. I know we just had one, but it didn’t last too long.

Since it’s spring it would be nice to extend it, especially since the services are expensive for some people. (You know with the price of living going up, growing up with a widow parent, etc)

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