This Wednesday XP Buff?

Why should they then say, the Buff will start BEFORE the Pre-Patch?

Lich will be most likely at the end of august. Blizzard wait till summer ends and school boys will not have all summer days free time all day to sell them boosts.

Well, maybe because pre patch will be after that.

Keep in mind they plan to do changes to original WOTLK, so that may exceed the beta duration, because the changes have to be tested.

I don’t think the XP buff will be released this week :smiley: But it would be cool if it did. Realistically I expect it next week or the week after in the worst scenario

We know the dates of most of these and the relative dates are certain, so guesstimates can be made on the rest:

  • PvE to PvP transfer restrictions removed - already happened June 21

  • Wrath Classic closed beta test - already begun

  • Classic Era clone service retired - happens July 26

  • Summer XP event (the 50% buff) - (“coming weeks” from June 22) Duration 6-8 weeks - few weeks before pre-patch until lauch - Guess: July 13

  • Existing realms ‘consolidated’ - August 10

  • New Fresh Start Realms with Wrath Classic pre-patch - Guess: August 10, or more possible 17

  • Wrath of the Lich King launch - Guess: September 14/21/28. Even before SoM closes down on 16 November


Classic does not take much time of development. But it still requires testing.

Classic, the first one, requires more development because they needed to adapt the Retail server and client to work as Vanilla using Vanilla ported data.

From then on subsequent expansion should require less development because a client and server compatible with both Vanilla and Retail should be compatible with everything in between, because except for some systems added post-vanilla and removed before Legion, all expansion systems are present on Vanilla or Legion.

And porting of the data should be easy because the major development of the port process was required for Vanilla, the next expansions only need to expand the port algorithm for the changes happening on that expansion.

But that is development. Not testing. They still need to test all WOTLK content. They could be mistakes in the porting process, or mistakes while implementing Classic systems on Retail clients/servers. WotLK and Classic WOTLK should work the same because it is the same game, but it does not have the same code implementation, so it is not possible to affirm that both do the same without testing it. Sure, there is nothing new-made, but still, the whole expansion requires a complete set of regression testing, to confirm that those things that have not intentionally changed are still working.

The major difference between normal testing and regression testing is that the last one is made when the dev assumes nothing has changed, so the number of bugs present that will need to fix should be fewer, but they still need to test all to confirm that have not been unfortunate consequences that break something devs didn’t expect. Sometimes a change on a part of the code could break another part that has not been touched.

Underestimating regression testing and deploying something without full testing because “that hasn’t changed” is a Russian roulette that every dev in their career has done, and any dev he said such thing never has been blown on their face lie.


Without testing it could be like the Cyberpunk 2077 launch. Shudder

but it does? fact check before thank you!

September does not make sense. but the rest i agree

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If the rest makes sense, and the Summer XP event (Guess July 13) has a duration of 6-8 weeks - from a few weeks before pre-patch until lauch - then September for launch is logical as well.
But as I say, It’s just me reading the posts, comparing and guessing. We’ll just have to wait and see.

When the Summer XP event starts, we know we have 6-8 weeks until lauch.

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“I think” means it’s my opinion as only Blizzard know when it will happen. Just like the OP is guessing.

So how can I fact check it as no facts are available to check!

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Excellent quesstimate, thanks for this!

In couple of hours well see about this week. If it happens, i expect Dottie to apologize in her own way. :wink:

Update: Didnt seem to come this week, so we wait until next week →


It’s Wednesday and no buff. AWKWARD

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ye but you forget which company we talk about, they will do it exactly bcz its a dumb move

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Buff will last 6-8 weeks with like 4 under prepatch. It’s very likely it will start this month unless WoTLK gets a delay (current beta is far from finished and bug free)

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Hahaa, wait until next week, then it might become!

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I still think it will be a month or so. But that’s my guess.

Again we are on the brink… There has been rumor that its going to come not tomorrow, but next week, which would make my guess incorrect by 1 week and Dottie doesnt need to apologize.
I just want the buff, its pain to level alt, when you know its coming, but its not yet there…

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it comes at 19 this month if u can trust “leaks” and prepatch 16 august