This Week in WoW: 8 January, 2024

This Week in WoW: 8 January, 2024

Each week, we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Mark your calendars for the Season of Discovery Phase 2 beginning 8 February.

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Feb 8th is way too late


Let’s make a really good concept/game mode


Feb 8th is stupid asf the entire pop is starving of content. release it tomorrow or something.


1 months of raid login …


What about SM?

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Spotted the guys that boosted asap to level 25 only to complain there is nothing to do.


As someone who joined 2 weeks ago because of the overpopulation and streamer-hype and after completing BFD 4 times, I personally think it is a good timing.

Today I celebrate 12/12 runes :partying_face:


February 8th is perfect, thank you!


Perfect amount of time for a phase. Anyone who thinks 2 months was too long needs to step back and realize that not everyone plays the game 24/7. I cleared BFD for the first time today, and I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to rush or else I was “behind”.

If you’ve run out of things to do, level an alt, farm gold, try and get harder items from higher level content outside the bracket. No one’s forcing you to play every day after rushing the content in the first month either.

2 months is the perfect amount of time to not leave us waiting forever, while also letting casual players actually experience the content at a normal pace.


I was an advertiser for P2 on the 31th of January, so slower people (as in leveling) had time to enjoy the game.
But i have to say, 8th of February is bit late. I have now every class on lvl 25, have every profession at least once at 150, i farmed 300+g, cleared bfd a lot (still fun, still doing it).
Don’t get me wrong, I will survive until the 8th, but id rather have p2 sooner.

And yes yes, I could play less, but it’s wow and I’m an addict of the first order. And part of the fun os for me, to no life that game.

But hey blizz, if you keep the content coming AND tune it on the way as since start of sod, I’m happy to stay.


Awesome. Just dinged 25 on my second char. Feels like a perfect amount of time to get some pieces in BFD on it and finish up some left over quests for a few gold before heading into phase 2. As others have mentioned about the crybabies. It’s a you problem. Go out and touch grass while waiting or something. Seems like you need it.

Good timing Blizzard. I’ve got a distant DPS, a healer and a rogue all 25. I’m on SOD since day two and i’m uping a war. 8 Feb is a perfect timing. No one is leaving behind, we have the time for BFD, WS, Ashenvale event, professions …

Can we get a more precise time? Not sure if i should both thursday and friday off work

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just take of thurstday and monday. Usualy a better idea anyway.

Jesus christ

ahhhhh yess! !!!

let’s goooo !

Let’s goooo

little bit late but better than nothing

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