Trading Post Availability Update

Today, we opened the Trading Post, encountered unexpected issues, and then disabled the Trading Post while we work on those issues.

At this time, we expect to keep the Trading Post disabled until we deploy fixes overnight tonight. Those fixes will come during a scheduled maintenance period, which we will announce via Breaking News.

We’ll use this thread to provide further updates when we have them.

Thank you for your patience!

Update 20:25 CET

The maintenance period is now scheduled to begin at 03:00 CET.




How come every reset day, you guys have some type of bug, every reset, I feel like the amount of bugs, should not be allowed on a game we pay so much for, but thanks for the update.


:grimacing: How unfortunate…


Thanks for the Blue Post or official update on this. Will any already made progress be lost or resettet due to this issue?


So now I have to watch CNN just to know what’s happening with the Trading Post?! :grimacing:


you guys should hire some qa testers. everytime you release something, either it doesn’t work or something else in the game breaks apart. a lot of consideration, but it’s becoming kinda annoying


Is the traveler’s log also disabeld or is it a bug on my side?

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clearly you didnt use the build that was on the PTR as there was no issues with it. you put some blind coding into the live that was clearly untested. whats the point in having a PTR to find and fix issues if u put random builds in. u did it with the DF launch too… the beta was fine compared to what went into live. its almost as if there is no point with beta or ptr testing as none of it gets used. hows about remove the rubbish u put into live… reset the servers… copy the coding etc from the PTR n place it into live n then reset the servers. u kno cus WHAT WE HELPED TEST WORKS!!!


So do i get the achievement back when the trading post will open again? I sold some stuff on the auction house to get the last 100 points when it was already down … should i wait finishing some of the progress, like finishing dungeons and killing raid bosses?


Can we get something clear… if you cannot specify when “scheduled maintenance” will be, 24 hours prior to it being effective, its NOT “scheduled maintenance”… its “Emergency Maintenance”… OK?


I really hope you can restore my progress I made in the morning. I filled the bar to 100%, now I’m down to 800/1000. I’m not completing 30 quests again until I know for certain that it is fixed.

I suppose I should be greatful that I wasn’t one of many that had their progress completely wiped.


Do whatever is needed but gimme my coins back! TY


Can you also please fix, problem with Revival Catalyst quest?..ppl are complaining about losing progress also…


stop, it’s just a handful of people working on this game. we need to be more patient with indie companies, they’re doing their best.

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Thanks for this announce! At least I hope that the already bought items like new mount will not be removed from players’ inventories and mount list. Otherwise we will have to wait for refund which may take much longer…

I hope that my progressbar will be filled again, went from 1000/1000 and “Collect rewards at your trading post” to 0/1000 after a disconnect…

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