Trading Post Availability Update

Thanks for this announce! At least I hope that the already bought items like new mount will not be removed from players’ inventories and mount list. Otherwise we will have to wait for refund which may take much longer…

I hope that my progressbar will be filled again, went from 1000/1000 and “Collect rewards at your trading post” to 0/1000 after a disconnect…

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All 1500 Trader’s Tender are gone upon re-login. All progress on Revival Catalyst quest for weekly item is also gone and I had to take it second time and also all progress in Traveler’s Log, which I had on 800/1000 is gone (I see that in Traveler’s Log, I am missing all quests and world quests I have done today and other things).

Seem you cant do anything right these days, every expansion get worse and worse littered with bugs and other things . You should rename the game to World of Reload ui . Dont you test things b4 releasing it to live servers ??


Do we get our travelers points and tender back again? (im missing what i had left)

The maintenance period is now scheduled to begin at 03:00 CET.


3am!?.. ugh…

“We will be performing scheduled maintance beginning on Wednesday, February 1st, 6:00 AM (PST) and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 12:00 PM (PST). During this time the game will be unavailable for play.”

Will the same (6 hours of maintenance) be true here?

No! Enough with maintenance and it is getting worse what the devs have done. It is happening as we can see, the truth can be hurt sometimes but it is just true. REMEMBER we pay to play gameonline and this is absolutely unacceptable. It is WAY TOO OFTEN MAINTENANCE, STOP IT! Thanks!


Do we get the Trader’s Tenders we unlocked from the missions or are they gone forever :S ?

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Jezus do you guys actually test? small indie company?? I dont get it while you fail time and time again…


all i want is my 1000/1000 mount :stuck_out_tongue: i worked bloody hard for it at lvl 45 lol…give me give me lol

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Don’t be hard on the small indie company m8.

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My progress with trading post was 550/1000, now it’s 0/1000 after disconnecting…

all my coins are gone. i had like 1600 and now i have 0 wtf blizzard?

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Yeah same happened to me, logged on and noticed everything gone, and i also got the achievement all over again

Can you guys. stop. crying. for 5 f**ing minutes ? They don’t release patch fast enough ? you cry. They release faster ? you cry. Games not working ? you cry. Games is being repaired ? you cry. For the love of God, do something with your life.


how about releasing a final product? I dont care if it comes with patch 10.3 but this is a real disaster tbh. This whole addon feels like a beta test. But Activision Blizzard King needs our money

I don’t know what is going on anymore.

Supposed to be disabled, but the chest does open, and I got the 1000/1000 mount now.

However, I lost all my currency, but got 3 credits for the monthly achievement.

Frankly, the whole thing needs a complete reset.

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I got the 1000/1000 in the log earlier and got the new warden-cat mount. When I logged on tonight, I didn’t have the mount and got a message that said I havn’t collected the mount yet >_>
Can we expect to get our things back after the maintence/hotfix?

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