Trading Post Availability Update

No, lets dance together! :people_wrestling: :joy:

So… how long will the maintenance be? :S

next time stop rushing content that isnt ready. dragonflight for example came too early. needed 1 more month of bug fixes and balancing

launcher says till 5 am server time…good night lol

huh… my launcher doesnt show anything about the maintenance at all? :thinking:

Hope you guys manage to fix this. Thankyou for all the hard work you put into the game, but please let my transmogs and tender / progress still be there when the servers are back up or I may not feel as chipper about it <3

It would be nice to have a proper announcement on the launcher and website saying that there is a maintenance going on and how long you expect it to take (for next time).

Let’s be realistic. :smirk: Surely you do not intend to say that players have more foresight than you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I pay to play each month but play mostly nights and like wtf why maintenance nearly every week day …

GG… so yesterday i come home after work and when i finally got time for myself i cant login for a few EXTRA hours… then i come home today from work and same crap is going on ?
Man if i did the same thing at my work A. ppl could get hurt/die B. best case scenario i loose my job reaaaaal quick

Gotta do better then sayin “sowwwwwwwy”, we not in daycare anymore and its not a free service…

And whoever even thinks about answering “spoiled/entitled/addicted/chill out” i wish that it NEVER happens to you that you call a service because you are in trouble and you get a generic response “sowwwwwy unexpected maintenance”
And for all the people who were lazy to line up when god was giving away brain: i am not comparing a game to bad things many many people including me deal with, i am comparing paid aka expected service deliveries :wink:

Spent a few hours on this forum yesterday, lets make a party tonite again :smiley:
Who has some fun videos ? :smiley:

Edit: why the hell am i showing up as lvl60 gnome mage when my main is a 70 VDH, and thats how i showed up yesterday ?? Dont help, its a trading post issue as well, eh ? :smiley:

Edit#2 5 mins later: seems like i just had to be upset a bit and game started working :smiley: THANK YOU :smiley:

It’s baaack

But all my tender is… Gone, can’t obtain anything from the cache either?
:smiling_face_with_tear: Didn’t even get to use any before it went, like a fart in the wind

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