Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Zetioun) #6

You will get a like! We may disagree but the purpose of this thread won’t change :blush:


I hear the moo alts you have, the moo chance you have!

(Jesi) #8

Basicly asking for likes… I dont like it and sticked a flag in your dream.


That actually made lol irl :joy:

(Brewny) #10

Like this post or your mother will wipe tonight


Company policy requires me to state that there is no cow level.


If you see this while scrolling
You’ve been visited by the trust fairy
You will attain maximum trust levels on the WoW forums
But only if you like this post

(Zetioun) #13

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We will see, we will see. Once we clear the meme level 3. Unlimited cat gifs and youtube links won’t stop our crusade to the next levels.

(Trinciamazze) #15

Let’s do it!
Fek the system!

(Punyelf) #16



(Hínáta) #17

Mhhmm sounds interesting this new trust level system.

Go on, smash this like button and give this Blood elf moar trust levels!

(Miraine) #18

If I had trust level 3 I’d have linked
www dot quickmeme dot com/img/68/6801b996ad4703c442880bedbf9dc3269fe4205c53adedde0d42c48c6612c822.jpg
I guess this will do for the moment though.

(Valtharíen) #19

Please trust and smash me!?

(Punyelf) #20

Thanks for sharing the love! You only have a few likes left for today.

I just got this warning. I guess we are like limited :laughing:

(Poly) #21

That’s exactly what a cow would say.


If that’s the case how do I level my new Tauren? :thinking:

(Raeyen) #23

Lets get this moo party started ?

(Tèsla) #24

/moooooooooooooooooo to all the people


MOO-r licks … err, likes

(Shammoz) #26