Trust level 5 - the cow level


/Mooooo here


What is going on here?

(Moothilda) #1129

Oh, nothing special… Just some cow thoughts

I would have said moosing over things, but Urban Dictionary are the reason I will never use that word again :expressionless:


We share your view but you and us can only really voice our view’s on twitter day after day a forum post sad as it is will not sway much as they are only visited in blizzards own words and numbers by 3% of the player base in EU .
I can not find the link atm but I support you :slight_smile:
But please keep this topic fun and stress free .


Not sure if posted before :grinning:
Plus its post 1111 :grin:


So sad that you cannot tame a cow as hunter… that milk attack would be goodish.


This is not the forum post for you to ask for that.


(Brewny) #1134

Some synthwave mooosic

(Moothilda) #1135

:point_up_2: That moosic is noice :+1:

I was searching for popcorn gif for Laffey in another post and came across the most amazing mascot :open_mouth:

I wish I had this job :blush:


Listen to this while watching your gif :wink:

Edit : I can post links !!!111!!!1!!1!

(Moothilda) #1139

YAY! Congrats :partying_face:

BWAHAHA, that video totally fits that gif :laughing:


Well done you :smiley: I fear with my wholesome rep on the forum I shall never get above level 1 :rofl: being the hot headed old grumpy lady I am .

(Sinaaki) #1141

Just take a deep breath, count to 10 and walk away when things get heated :kissing_heart: or get popcorn like i do :popcorn::joy:


With you around I have a feeling i’m going to be just fine :kissing_heart:

(Lexicus) #1143

Well that’s dissapointing, seems i’ve lost lvl 3. Guess you can’t take a break!

I guess i have to re-do all the lvl 3 requirements?

(Destruct) #1144

Welcome to the club! I stopped caring TBH.


No you don’t and all u have to do per day is read a couple threads nothing much to keep it :slight_smile:

(Kungur) #1146

full disclosure


Good morning, have a good week

(Moothilda) #1148

It’s a bit late for this, but…

And so far my day was good… I hope your day went well too :hugs: