Trust level 5 - the cow level


Is it actually called the cow level?

(Punyelf) #356

There is no cow level, it’s just for fun :wink:

We can reach trust level 3. Anything higher is staff only.


Oh and there was me getting excited!

Was going to don my cow mask and rekindle my super cow spirit.

I need a cow and chicken gif.

(Punyelf) #358

Just for you have a chicken


How do you do this wizardry ?

(Punyelf) #360

Trust level 3 :wink:

Regular users of the forums gain trust levels due to taking part and being active. It all explained in the FAQ pinned to the forum.


So no gifs for me until level 3? Awh man grinding time!


Thank you for ( re ) posting my gif :wink: . We need this thread to stay alive :smiley:

(Versorius) #363

The hell you on about?

(Lunalights) #364

Yes, level 3. Wooott

(Juste) #365

For great justice!.. and trust.


Interesting, let’s find out, what happens

(Uldurin) #367

When a human meets a tauren in wm


Im confused. Whats the cow level?


Can you make us one? :hugs:

(Warmother) #370

A very friendly multiboxer checking in… can I get a hell yeah? :wink:

(Deed) #371

There is no… hold on though…

(Uldurin) #372

(Punyelf) #373


We learn new things everyday :stuck_out_tongue: