Trust level 5 - the cow level


I think this is possible through a certain timeframe, I tried that before, but it wouldn’t count all the posts in the topic, so I guess it measures the time you read… for example on most posts it says, how many posts there are, and the estimated time needed to go through all of them, so if you are way to quick, it won’t count all the posts


this thread already FAILED.

some replys got 101+ likes.


I am still super annoyed that it reset everything on the forum because I faction changed :confused:

(Lexicus) #531

in theory, i’m 3k posts from lvl 3? still don’t quite understand these forums


I could eat a cow right now.

(Punyelf) #533

This FAQ explains what you need to do.

  • Visit the Forums on 50% of the last 100 Days
  • Read 500 Topics created in the last 100 Days
  • Read 20,000 Posts created in the last 100 Days
  • Like 30 Posts
  • Receive 20 Likes
  • Reply to 10 different Topics
  • Don’t have more than 5 Spam/Offensive Flags
  • Don’t be suspended in any Blizzard Game or Forum

(Shumensko) #534

Good luck with that if you post anything even slightly controversial.

(Punyelf) #535

I have been a lot more careful with my responses since we moved to Discourse :laughing:

(Shumensko) #536

You’re green, so you’re safe.

(Punyelf) #537

I’m not immune to being reported

(Shumensko) #538

Yes, but you get tier 3 just by being green, so the rules probably don’t fully apply to you.

(Punyelf) #539

Yes true :slight_smile:


Such cowspiracy theories!

Cows are slow animals, sometimes they need to sit down and digest… maybe the same happens with this tread.

(Odeone) #541

Are all the cows at the like farm ???


When I was a kid at my uncles farm (farming was big in my family apart from my parents) we had a calf in the house - his mother had died… we reared him indoors until he went out into a barn. We named him Rufus…I loved that boy… he was the sweetest most lovely thing ever… then one day I was told he was being sent to market… sad day :frowning:


I don’t know about that… I once tried riding one… it mooved fast then!

PS horses are far more comfortable to ride!


Lets get this mooving shall we?

woot I can post gifs now :purple_heart:


I never knew I needed Cow gifs in my life, but now I do.


And if anyone wants to see some dancing cows…


I wanted to post a cute cow gif but it looks like I still didn’t meet the requirements for it :thinking: