Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Moothilda) #841

Thank you, thank you I am mooved by your words :hugs:

(Destruct) #842

Ugh she escaped the milking facility, lousy guards. Ohwell they didn’t fail too fast or instantly this time.

(Moothilda) #843


Yes, I found the hidden button to turn of Milk Mode :milk_glass:


What is this??? Do I see Moo… No that cannot be true.
But I see Muuthill…
I said she is on vacation!
But I just saw her here sir!
Don´t be bluffy… Wait did someone said Moothilda is back ?
I telling you she is here!
Someone need make poem…

(Moothilda) #845

It’s still weekend, I think I still have time to enter this party :dancer::man_dancing:


You have been told and shown

Time and time again and you are nowhere near the stats needed to get level 3 on that char .Its nothing to do with how many likes its m ore about threads read and how many days you been on out of 100 and you been on 24 and not the 50 needed .


You see a video clip right here …

(Moothilda) #848


Hell yeah, I like to moove it too… And I noticed we have a new AH dance party tomorrow :star_struck:


I mean I´m ready --> :dancing_women:

(Moothilda) #850



After we get drunk we will see only this in SW

(Moothilda) #852

(Moothilda) #853

I’m sorry - I didn’t herd from where I was :frowning_face:


Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.
Even forum is grindfest.

(Moothilda) #855

But the most important grindfest in the entire Blizz universe :face_with_monocle:


Stupid broken forum desing. :slight_smile:

(Rogmasha) #857

Me trying to unlock the cow level with music.

(Moothilda) #858

If you were serenading me like this, I would be running fast with rogue to unlock that lvl for you :cow: :key:


Btw where do I find that stupid lvl ? I mean I want know how this bullsh*t works :sunny: I mean hail to cows.

(Rogmasha) #860

If you go to your forum profile and add .json to the end of the link, it’ll take you there.

So for the character you’re currently on, go to and search the text for “trust_level”

The highest number in trust level is the one you’ve currently unlocked!