Trust level 5 - the cow level


If that’s the case how do I level my new Tauren? :thinking:

(Raeyen) #23

Lets get this moo party started ?

(Tèsla) #24

/moooooooooooooooooo to all the people


MOO-r licks … err, likes

(Shammoz) #26

(Zetioun) #27

Trust Levels Explained

Level 0: Infant
Can barely open your eyes at this stage, you can’t literally do nothing by yourself. Forget making forum threads.
Level 1: Baby
You still need to be taken care of, you know nothing about the world, rules are totally oblivious to you. At this point you can make unlimited posts and threads.
Level 2: Toddler
Infants are boring, babies are adorable and toddlers are evil. No, I’m not kidding, toddlers are evil. Gosh darn they are so cute and seem innocent, but if you live with them, you know what I’m talking about. You are now quite a capable monster. You can now post regular links, YouTube links and your like count has increased
Level 3: Teen
At this stage everyone sees you as the big kid. Your pretty damn cool! You can now post lit gif memes and create wiki pages
Level 4: Adult
So called guardians they are here to protect us from all prime evil. Their main objective is to teach us and inform us.

Level 5: Wizard
Only a few selected elite gets to this point. They have entered and conquered the abyss. They have seen and wandered to the farthest depths of the cow level. Once you enter this level there is no coming back.

(Brewny) #28

:turtle: A :turtle: TURTLE :turtle: HAS :turtle: MADE :turtle: IT :turtle: TO :turtle: THE :turtle: WATER :turtle:

(Shammoz) #29

Dammit, you just won the internet for today.

(Miraine) #30

Shammoz showing off that MVP insta trust level 3 swag.

(Shumensko) #31

There is, and its called Mulgore.

(Hínáta) #32

Cows are sneaky, I mean if you think about it how often do you see a Tauren rogue?? those damn cows know how to hide, but one day we’ll get em.

My proof. https ://

(Dottie) #34

Hang on, if there is no cow level where do tauren come from?

(Zzra) #35

Like, link and partage pls.


I want that sweet secret milk!


We must share the trust love

(Lilura) #38

The cow level is real. We saw it and killed the Cow King!

(Hairira) #39

That’s clearly not true. The cow level must be achieved.

(Scrimjaw) #40

I attemped to reply to this with:

“Moo, moooo mo moo moo. Moo”

It said what I had written was unclear… to first reach the cow level you must first learn to understand what it means to cow.

(Outofphase) #41

I heard the cow level is hidden in the Undercity throne room.
Anduin needs to come to unlock it, alone and blindfolded.


Face tentacles!? We do NOT have face tentacles! If we did, that would mean Draenei are secretly emissaries of the Void, gaining your trust as we infiltrate your society so that we can bring about its end; and I’m certain you’re not implying THAT, are you?