Trust level 5 - the cow level


Silly question. Where can you see what your current trust level is?

(Weper) #64

Here is your trust level:

Edit: Oh, i can’t like more posts, because: “You’ve reached the maximum number of likes. Please wait 2 hours before trying again.” :disappointed:

(Moontear) #65

Nice! Mooooooooooo!
As a night elf always interested in taurens!

(Mastêr) #67

Here, have my likes! :heart:

(Grimmj) #69

(Lentat) #70

Starcraft said the same.
WoW wants to convience me No5 dead.
I dont trust your statement.


The real secret is to be a dutch cow. You will get all of the boe.

(sorry, that was bad)


Damn out of likes, hope you all get to see the elusive cow level soon

(Brewny) #73

For only £4.99, you can add an extra 100 likes to your daily allowance, plus you get a bonus Ion Hazzikostas emoji!

(Punyelf) #74

Don’t give them ideas!!! :laughing:

(Tèsla) #75

:cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow::cow: .


I…what.? I’m checking the forums first time since change and this is the first I see… I’m so lost xD

(Minjié) #77

Oh pls, cow level, overrated.

If you want real fun, Diablo 3 Unicorn level, nothing’s more fun than getting battered by a Unicorn/Teddy bear, fun for the whole family.

(Chocoh) #78

Like for likes. Inbox me huns.

(Tèsla) #79

Let them come… My cow… Hungers…

(Korrina) #80

:cow: I’m here to show my support :cow:
:cow: You can do this people :cow:
:cow: The cow level shall be yours :cow:
:cow: Also :cow:
:cow: I’m in love with this emoji :cow:
:cow: :cow: :cow:

(Mysticdude) #81

Reference is to Diablo. This is WoW forum. Please move to correct Forum.

(Spirl) #82

Where is this secret cow level?

(Swordart) #83

I am late for likes :thinking:


all posts has gone :frowning: so many