Trust level 5 - the cow level

(Moothilda) #858

If you were serenading me like this, I would be running fast with rogue to unlock that lvl for you :cow: :key:


Btw where do I find that stupid lvl ? I mean I want know how this bullsh*t works :sunny: I mean hail to cows.

(Rogmasha) #860

If you go to your forum profile and add .json to the end of the link, it’ll take you there.

So for the character you’re currently on, go to and search the text for “trust_level”

The highest number in trust level is the one you’ve currently unlocked!


Thx so I ´ve 1st lvl… that is nice LUL

(Moothilda) #862

Good morning everyone :sleepy:

It’s funny how I have the same struggle every morning - It’s a good thing I have something to help me get going after the alarm clock scares me


Good morning,


(Teknetia) #864

“Getting to trust level 3 is easy”


Hey Ive been a good boy lately. Havent been silenced for over a month now. can i get my mvp now? thank you uncle blizz


Noo … I mean Moo


please? :frowning:


you even got a cutting edge, come to daddy ill give you a headpat

(Moothilda) #869


(Rogmasha) #870

Serenading to lure the cows outta Cow level


WB moo you have been missed Sin was worried about you.


Yeah we are glad she is back… Mooving by her actions.

(Sinaaki) #873

True story :sweat_smile: moe was worried too, but now i think he has been away for a while? Maybe he got so sad that Moo was gone that he left aswell :scream: (or just vacationtime most likely)

Anyways its nice to see Moo back and posting gifs still, shows that u actually can be away from the forum for a while and still not lose the trustlevel :ok_hand:

(Moothilda) #874

Awww, you make me all warm and fuzzy when you write stuff like that :yum:

Thanks for the words :wink:

Or a honeymoon :thinking:

Flynn must have been snatched away :face_with_monocle:


Did someone said Honeymoon ? I would like know how is called that event in other languages :stuck_out_tongue: In mine líbánky

(Sinaaki) #876

But… where was my invitation? I had a lovely dress i was gonna wear!

(Sinaaki) #877

Bryllupsreise :+1: