Trust level 5 - the cow level




Hype! …hic!


Hype! …hic!

(Veneryen) #1021

In name of all my characters! Hype! …hic!


I just posted with five of my characters… that means I can grind more from this… wait this is not account bound… /Cry

(Punyelf) #1023

You don’t actually need to like farm either. So this topic is purely for fun. It’s just been really fun to keep it going, although at times it’s been challenging finding new cow images, gifs etc to keep it going.


AND it is ofcourse fitting you have post number 1000.

BEST thread on the forum by far :smiley:
Thank you for starting it

(Moothilda) #1025

I am on it


I know, I like do jokes about this important topic, nah it isn´t so hard…

Cow here cow there…

(Moothilda) #1027

I was looking for a new chair and was just typing in random designs… I think I have found the correct one to sit in, untill Blizz reveal how we open the cow lvl :wink:

(Hínáta) #1028

Some day, one day were gonna dance with those cows!


We are strange people writting about strange topic…Interesting

(Ohbyru) #1030

Like… don’t have a cow man.

(Zetioun) #1031

:blush: No I thank you and everyone participating. I would have never anticipated so much positivity out of this thread when I first started it. It made me really rethink how I used to express myself and instead focus more on posts that gets people going, in a positive way of course.

(Brewny) #1032

Can’t start the day without a bit of synthwave

(Moothilda) #1033

I love when I can leave work early… Now I’ll just sit here and sip my coffee :relaxed::coffee: untill I’ll hear the familar voices shouting in the hallway “what’s for dinner??” :unamused:

(Môe) #1034

I am dead…help me


Why is the trust level important? just curious
Will it change anything


It will change your mood for next 257 seconds…

(Moothilda) #1038

Yes, if you will just follow me into the clinic I think I can find a good remedy… Maybe a suppository will do the trick :thinking: