Trust level 5 - the cow level


Here’s a radical suggestion : We make ANOTHER post in the classic forums :cold_sweat:

Cows forever !!!


My incredibly high iq ofc.
It was just the one criteria I wasn’t fulfilling anymore

(Ohbyru) #1062

What’s goes “Ooooooo.”? A cow with no lips :call_me_hand:

(Moothilda) #1063

It’s friday, and the bar in Thunder Bluff are open… Anyone want to share a bowl of peanuts with me? :hugs: :peanuts::beers:

(Punyelf) #1064

(Moothilda) #1065


Lemme guess . You spiked the beer with milk ?

(Moothilda) #1067

You don’t want our newest drink on the menu?

It’s called Meer :cow: :milk_glass: :beer:

Because someone was fast and already have made Bilk :unamused:


If you have good beer I´ll share whatever.


See all you moooo-nificent bovines next week!

Just gonna leave this here


Also this : It’s the soundtrack for Vanilla WoW. For all of you who want to reminisce about Vanilla until it goes live :smiley:

(Uldurin) #1071


(Moothilda) #1072

If tauren could be demon hunters, this was how they would be :smile:


Aight, Let’s do this.


It’s Mooooooonday . Get yer cows ready for tomorrow :slight_smile:


this weeks will be amazing

(Punyelf) #1076

(Evangelià) #1077

What you need is this:


Don’t have a cow man!


Quick question, does TL decays with time ? I mean, I just reverted back to level 2 just like that.
I was happy being able to use gifs.
On another note :