Trust Level

I bet that it’s mutual.THough why would you even want tobe trusted by blizz?Is there more then just pat on the back from them in this trust level?

Back on my PC and I can only presume it’s because of the hidden profile. Even using the older method to look you up it shows very little info.

This is mine -, compared to yours :laughing:

I can see you on this list though

The trust level isn’t something people should aim to grind, it’s just a reflection of how active people are on the forums. The required level of activity has to be maintained in order to remain at level 3.

It’s not like posting at level 2 (or 1) means you can’t take part in the forums. Your point is no more or less valid because of it.

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Don’t want to offend anyone but it does look like another instrument to rise people’s conceit. Because people will pay more attention to those who have their text in green or blue.

That’s embarrassing - shows just how much time I spend in the forums when I should be working :smiley:
Also you don’t have to be green or blue to be trust level 3 … I noticed a forummer who I’m pretty sure has been banned in the past is level 3 so who knows :slight_smile:

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The text colours have nothing to do with trust levels that’s completely different.

Blue posts are members of staff, employed by Blizzard

Green posts are made by MVPs - (not employed by Blizzard) explained here…

Essentially we are just players, we have no great powers, we try to be helpful and constructive but also take part in debates (our opinions are our own). It’s worth noting there are plenty of players who are helpful who do not post in green text.


What i mean is if for example you and someone without green colored text would have an argue, both your points of view will be strong but there will be good amount of people who will side with you just because you have text of different color.

I get called a lot of names (insults I wont repeat) purely for having my text in green. It does not always work as you may think it does.

However the idea is that we can share knowledge about things and help others. In a debate obviously it’s just opinions and colour holds no sway either way.

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How do you do that?

Well opinion works both ways, just like there are some people who will trust you even without reading what you say there will be those who will insult you because of the same reason.

Don’t forget that you don’t have trust levels in all your character because Blizz didn’t thought about it for some reason. And you lose it a way to fast if you were inactive with the character for a short time.

If you go to your own profile

You should be able to see categories listed at the top, like Summary, Activity, Notifications and Preferences.

If you go to preferences you should see a tick box as the bottom option that says
‘Hide my public profile and presence features’

Tick the box and hit ‘Save Changes’ and you’re done :slight_smile:

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I don’t really see how that is a problem. The MVPs are meant to be trusted posters who help others and stay constructive.

Let’s be honest you just do work of comunity manager :slight_smile: Well anyway have a lovely day.

P.s. Never trust blood elf heheeh

Puny don’t do any work because she just stayed how she was before got MVP.


There is this misunderstanding of what Community Managers do, the forums are a tiny fraction of their job responsibilities.

I play WoW and spend some of my time on the forums taking part in discussions :slight_smile: It’s no job by any stretch of the imagination, although if someone would want to pay me for this I’d be happy to accept :laughing:


Trust and green text is your payment hehehe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Forum has time-gated rep grind :smiley:

Like bfa?..dear god


Oh I’m aware don’t you worry. I just don’t see the point in bothering as I am very much a lurker more than a poster :stuck_out_tongue:

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