Try out RP

Above all - if I could offer any advice, it’s have fun with your character.

Go on the journey with them.

I’ve been on this RP journey with my Blood Elf Mage since Cataclysm and looking at everything she’s been through…it’s quite incredible, but I have never regretted it.


This is wise advice indeed! What is it for if not for fun?

The problem with people like me, a severe alt fanatic, is which character do I settle on? I suppose I better do a taster session and see who is more fun to roleplay.


I’d recommend maybe having two characters to be your mains for RP. Just in case you start getting a burnout on one of them.


Im the same, but what helped me pick the Blood Elf Mage was the lore and how the Mage gear looked on Blood Elves.

When Legion came out and I saw the Emerald Nightmare Mage gear, I didnt need convincing on what to play and what gear I wanted my Mage to wear.

The lore also helped as the Magisters of Quel’Thalas are such an integral part to Blood Elf society and being able to be part of that fantasy - playing a Blood Elf Sorceress was so good!!


Not a ghost, just a rogue. :grinning: Fades away


I adore the Blood Elves in terms of lore and in general. My ‘main’ is a rogue by the name of Varothomir. That being said, I am not as well-versed in the roleplay hubs for the Horde as I am with the Alliance. I did roam around Orgrimmar from time to time but was left wanting.

On that note, what are the best RP hubs for the Horde? Stormwind is usually bustling with activity, I’ve still yet to find this on ‘the other side’.

Horde RP is more nomadic, aka out in the open.
Barrens sees some regular RP if I am not mistaken, and Ratched too

Ogrimmar is sadly barely used, due to several factors with the clumpsy layout etc.
I think the Forums and staying in some Discord communities might help you find some Horde side RP! :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: For legal reasons, no horses were involved


Horse? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thank you for calling out that typo Hampton! <3


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