Twinks still around in leveler queues

Sorry to be that person but your not allowed to name and shame people on the forums .

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It is not shame calling someone to be owning you in 3 seconds now is it :D. I actually saw him switching to feral and having separate weapons for melee combat (those purple tankard maces from brewfest). Look at the set bonus on this legacy dungeon set though! Anyway, if name calling not allowed, I can scratch his name. Question is - how is he managing to be in levelers BG queues.

Maybe @Volgrief has a point about spending XP for something. Either way, he can not get his own garrison yet so cant be garrisons if that’s a thing.


Now that is strange as a couple on the forums have said they have been able to que aswell .

I told you so.

…Ohh I so enjoy saying that.


It’s not but you still aren’t allowed by the forum rules to name a specific character and a realm, unless said character belongs to you.

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Careful with calling people out. It’s against the forum rules.

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There are 100 ways to enter lvler bgs and i enjoy it too! ROFL.
way 1) make that macro unlock ur exp pres senter bg and then spam macro to lock exp before u enter. (NOT AN EXPLOIT! Clever use of game mechanics)
Unlock exp q enter normal bg prefearbly in party of premade to pwn , and leave before bg finishes :smiley: eaazy :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
I personally do way number 2 and i know When to leave on Every bg without getting Any exsp whatsoever. I usually stay almost till the end and i have an impact tbh.

What do you mean macro, care to elaborate?
I thought it is done by going into capital city and speaking with certain NPC (paying 10g in addition).

Three… so… many…

Ehm… this isn’t Dear diary; it’s forum.

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My point is - he should have leveled if he had his exp enabled. There was no other point to that statement.

I dont remember when locked xp got added, but before that i had a few twinks as well. but when that got added i remember entering normal bgs and then leaving just before the end just so i would get less xp and last longer before making a new twink to do this over again. i dont twink anymore.

but did this twink stay until the end? if not that might be why he hasnt leveled up. also 3 bgs really dont give that much xp to give a full lvl either i think. especially if the twink does not have heirlooms

They can avoid most of the experience and even if they do level up… they’ll just make a new twink. You’ll never get rid of them.

Just accept it =)


dont you need to be stood at the man to turn xp on and off ?

I do not mind people creating new characters getting good gear and owning. I just want to find out how this and other people are cheating the system and are able to do it after the queues have been separated.
@Oldmanbarry, that particular twink still has Dungeon 1 druid set which was removed in cataclysm (unfortunately I had to remove his name from here due to forum rules). I am certain that if there was a thin chance his character gets past level 59, he would not risk this and you still get decent exp from completing BG objectives like flag caping etc.

So you’re saying that you don’t hate people with gear that shred others in battlegrounds but you hate twinks with gear that get in to battlegrounds even though twinks are just people with gear?



Yeah true, its unlikely he would level that one up after keeping it on that level for so long seeing that set. Best thing you can do is make a ticket to a gm and ask wether its a bug or something But there is always the small chance that he finally decided to level up that char, or atleast move to a different bracket of twinks with more people in it, while still trying to getas little possible xp in this bracket

Those two pieces in particular are BoE. Try again.


Well i didnt bother to look up wich set it was, but still if its a removed set even its its boe if he got the full set more than likely he got it back then. Nobody is going to pay crazy amounts of money for a removed boe set that goes for insane prices nowadays just to twink, with there being other options out there

He didn’t.

You’ve never really twinked have you?


That is an exploit, lets not kid ourselves here.