Two Friends looking for Mythic Raiding guild :) Enh Shaman/ Havoc DH

Hi, myself and my friend are both looking for a Myhtic raiding guild.

We are currently on Draenor but will to transfer realm if needs be and its a good fit for us. We are looking for a guild that ideally raids twice a week.

We are looking for a mature guild, who are raiding Mythic. We have quite a bit of raiding experience ONE of us was Cutting Edge in Legion and have done mythic for most raids we did and have been raiding on and off since legion, We started Dragonflight as casuals just doing normal/HC and now want to get back into some mythic raiding.

We all play most days of the week, whether that’s pugging raids or pushing keys on alts or mains.

What we play:

DH,Spriest,Boomie - (Maybe Frost DK) Dennis
All 3 are 440+ ilvl can play the DH as tank or DPS

Enh Shammy, Ret pala - Ziinmaster
Mainly playing Shammy for raiding most of the time.


All our mythic kills are from pug raids so far this raid tier.

Disc : Zinmaster#2025

I just added you on Discord.

Hi There, We are Cutting Edge Guild and we are currently Looking for DPS.

feel free to get in contact with any of the officers.

benjobanjo99#2736 BNET / BENJO#6927 Discord | Smaug - theleonking#21425 | Zekhar - reyleigh#2915

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