UBRS now a 5 man dungeon?

It seems that UBRS is now a 5 man dungeon in prepatch, as far as I know this did not become a thing until Patch 4.0.3a (Cataclysm). Is this how it supposed to be or is this a bug?
Cant say I have seen this mentioned to be changed for prepatch…

We have tried in every single possible way to get more than 5 people into the instance but it wont let us.


Blizzard, please look into this, UBRS should be 10 man in Classic/TBC and 5 man in Cataclysm.

It’s way too hard for a 5 man group in pre-raid gear.


Im also thinking this is a bug. Extremely hard now when only 5 people can enter. Pre raid people wont be able to finish without raid geared healer/tank.

WAT. Just WAT.

This dungeon is now nigh impossible with some blue geared grp. Sadge…

Bump - as far as I can see this is still not fixed!


Just like I wrote in another thread, the quests to UBRS are still marked as “raid” and everything is tuned the same as before (except the Rend fight where the adds spawn faster). So this is not supposed to be a 5-man dungeon. It’s simply way too hard for that.

We managed to get up to Drakki as a 5man. The Trash Packs in front of him are allready brutal, but Drakki himself ist just not doable. He still casts Conflagration which leads to your tank being cc’d for 10sec. We tryed kiting him and managed to take down both adds, but drakki itself wasnt doable. Not even close.

If you want to finish bwl preQ just make someone pull drakki and his adds and run away. All others can channel the orb for 10sec and finish the quest.

I have the same issue. Even failed with support from a T3 geared tank.
It should be possible to still finish the raid with l60 chars who just want to finish their Onyxia attunement to prepare for their first raid.
So either the group size limit should be 10 again or the mobs should be nerfed so they can be done with a group of five ~l60 chars with pre-raid gear.

Blackrock Spire is definitely a 10-person raid in The Burning Crusade.

We’ve found this bug that is causing this, and we have a fix for it on the way.


We managed to get right up to the last boss, the instance itself wasn’t too hard. But the last boss is not doable as 5 man. We wiped a few times and finally gave up. We had him down to around 40%… I think if we had a better mage and a hunter instead of a rogue we could have killed him… But this definitely needs to be fixed.

Yeah, we also did a run yesterday. Gathered 10 guys just to realize that we can’t go in together. Split the group into two. We could kill Draki but Valthalak was impossible.

Fixed now, just finished a 10 man UBRS :slight_smile:


it is fixes

Fixed now.

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